New runner looking for advice

Hi everybody,

I've only recently got myself into running and have a question...

I've started on a "Couch to 5K" program, however, I'm using a treadmill and have no idea what speeds my 'walk' and 'run' should be?

I've been kind of going with 'whats natural' but I don't want to be overdoing it nor underdoing it...could use some advice!

Many thanks in advance,




  • I did a treadmill to begin with, and anything more than a walk is okay, since you need to work on building up the distance rather than the speed. You are at a very early stage in your running, so you need to just get used to going beyond the walking pace. As you get stronger, and more experienced, then you will pick up your pace. I went from treadmill, starting at 10 minutes, and within about 4 months i took it to an hour. I went to the open road, in June, at the 6 months post starting, and did my first half marathon that October. Bottom line, dont push yourself too hard too soon.

  • What Ghostrider has already said is good advice.

    I also started with a Couch to 5k Program and made very fast progress so I am sure you will too!, I started outside and really struggled to get in to it on my first couple of runs, I was struggling so much. 

    Then I realised that I was going way too fast, the days of school cross country fresh in my mind image. I had a bit of an ache here and there, as is expected when starting something new or after a long absense but I kept to it and now, im under 30 mins on 5k and going for under 60 mins for the 10k! 

    Running is great John and I wish you the best of luck, the best part is that you are doing it!, I had friends who laughed at me when I started because of my laziness, which I admit is true, I still am a lazy git, but I am a lazy git who wakes up every other morning and does more that any other non runner I know!

    As for a treadmill, I have been told that to simulate the outdoors it is wise to set it at a 3% incline. My advice is to go at a comfortable pace, where you could hold a conversation, but only with 2 or 3 word bursts, confusing but I hope you get what I mean image

    My BIGGEST piece of advice though, is to follow the programs advice regarding warm up and cool downs, and then stretch well after the run. There is nothing worse than finding that you love something and then being told by your body to take a break, However if you do need to take a day off then don't be ashamed, I missed a few days of my C25K but I managed to get there in the end.

    Best of luck John and please keep us posted!

  • Thank you both for your excellent advice; It's much appreciated! image




  • Hi everyone,

    I play tennis (doubles) once a week on Sunday mornings. Usually I play at least 3 sets with a one set break in between. With this Sunday-game being permanent, I am unable to make a schedule from the various plans available (for 12 to 13 weeks) for training for a half-marathon.

    They usually talk about cross-training in-between but not about a game like tennis.

    What do I forego in those plans or how do I tweak it to accommodate my Sunday-tennis without straining myself too much and yet getting ready for the half-marathon

    Fyi, I did my first half-marathon in Jan’12 (just under 3 hours) and plan to do my next half-marathon in Jan’13 (so I have about 14 weeks roughly to train)

    Many thanks in advance

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