Oxford Half Marathon 2012

I know some people have had their Runner's Pack with No etc. Mine still hasn't arrived.

Anyone know when we can expect these. E-mails just don't seem to be getting answered. I'm still waiting on a reply to one almost 6 weeks on, and I know others that have sent queries that haven't been answered after weeks.

Looking forward to my 1st Oxford Half. imageimage


  • I didn't get mine either and I'm living in Ireland. Hope it comes tomorrow. Email said they would be posted out at end of Sept. Best of luck on Sunday, it will be all over this time next week and we'll be celebrating, hopefully!!image


  • I've had no e-mail from them. Just a confirmation of payment and entry from the Payment site.

    I'm still waiting on mine. I have tried ringing the number that Runner's World have for enquiries several times. I get no reply, it redirects me to another ringing tone and eventually a fax machine.

    There is a telephone number on their road closure signs. That just goes onto a voicemail. I have had no reply to messages.

    I have e-mailed again. I hold little hope as they never reply. I'm getting somewhat irritated by the lack of organisation already. At least I live very closeby, so no problem for me to get there and find out if I have an entry on Sunday.

    Hope you've had yours by now. I'm over in Dublin at the end of October for the marathon. Now that I know is well organised. Can't wait. image


  • Hi, I got an email telling me that as I was registered at a  "foreign" address, that my pack would not be posted to me and that I'll have to pick it up on Sunday morning. the email came from davebray43@gmail.com so maybe you could email him. Hope you're sorted out. good luck in Dublin. I did marathon there in 2009 and it was a great event although my time wasn't great!!

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