TheTriathlonCoach 20 week IM Programmes

Hi All,

Has anyone used the specific 20 week IM programmes from Simon Ward at TTC? If so, what did you think? Contemplating it for a race next year, but would like some feedback first.




  • Not heard of it, whats the weekly time total like?

    I used Fink as a rough guide for my first and made my own plan for the second iron distance, which peaked around 18-20 hours a week but i'm not a front runner.

  • There are 2 options, 12hr or 16hr of training per week. If you go onto their website there are options for pretty much every IM race. How specific they are I don't know, hence trying to find out if anyone has used them.

    I know a few guys that use Fink and seem to get good results.  

  • 16 hour plan inlvolves 11 seesions, 3 bike including 2 turbos  and one long bike, 3 runs, 3 swims 2 strength sessions, detaled instructions for every session. I like how everthing was planned out and will use this for another race.

    I thought it was pretty good if you want everything planned for you.


  • Thanks F.oggy. Did you get a good result? Was it your first IM?


  • 7th Ironman distance race. Pb of 11.37.

  • the general weekly approach is:-

    3 runs - inc 1 longer run building from 30 mins to 2.5 hrs over your program
    3 swims,  - inc one building to 1 hr 15 mins / 3.8k over your program
    3 bikes - inc one longer one building from 90 mins to 6 hrs over your program.  Second medium ride to include intervals.

    Thats 9 sessions in 6 days as its nice to have a day off.  So many days will have 2 sessions a day, (no one fancies too much else following a 2.5 hr run or a 6 hr bike)

    with a long run / long swim and long bike as key sessions each week.
    Add stength core if you have time

    If you really have more time, bike lots more and run a bit more

    Gordos 'basic week', Friel's 'your best triathlon', fink's 'be iron fit', the program I spend £70 a month on are all variations on a theme.....

    I do 14 - 20 hrs a week.
    Don't leave it all to the 20 week program though.  The fitter you are when you start it the better, (although the previous x weeks should not be 'training', just fun exercise
    Finally consistency counts - I have a basic week, that I try and do week after week after week.....(with different interval sessions / swim sessions / durations each week).

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