my first 10k race

Hi all.

I have my very first 10k race coming up in the next 5 weeks, today I ran 10k in 49:22 in a solo training session. Is this a respectable time or is that a slow pace ?

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


  • A good time is 26:17.53, anything else is slow.
  • I had better just give up then hadn't I
  • Don't worry Craig any times a good time as long as you have enjoyed it. You've got 5 weeks of training ahead so as long as you don't go silly on the day I think you should smash that.

    What sort of training have you got lined up?
  • Thanks Jason. Been doing weekly parkruns with a distance of 5k and running regular 5k during the week. Ran my 1st 10k today in training so plan to do at least 6 more 10k runs before the race. I feel that I am becoming a stronger runner but just do not want to come in last place on the day.
  • Good on you that's plenty of preparation. Maybe look at adding a nice long run (your choice obviously) but at a slower pace.

    This helped me on endurance and breathing etc.

    You could also think about hill/interval training as I've found this improves general fitness all round as well and strength.

    All in all its your choice on what you do but I can gaurentee you will not be last with a time of 49 there's always people that are running for other reasons than racing and will be a lot slower than you
  • Great advice Jason I will try a longer run each Sunday now then, I'm fairly certain I could manage a 15k run. Do you think that would be good for training or would you suggest I try a little further ?

    It has been suggested that one day a week I work on speed/sprints etc so I might start to try that midweek some time after work.

  • That's exactly what I've done. For best results run slower than you would on your 10k pace (if you know yours already) it's up to you how far really I would say 15k is fine.

    I do....slow run monday, hard training on Wednesdays (I'm part of a very nice local running club) slow run Friday and a nice slow long run Sunday. I've found this very good for me so far and I'm improving my 10k time each race!!

    Benefits of the running club are the people your around, as they enjoy what I do etc.
  • Yeah I must say I've looked briefly at a couple of running clubs here in Coventry but on the internet etc and they look extremly serious in regards to their training programes and pace on runs.

    I'm not saying one bit that I am not serious at all but if I join a club or group I want to join a smallish / friendly group to go out with on longer runs like you say but at a slower pace. I am ok at pushing myself on solo runs without any probs.

    I will keep looking though.

    At the moment I'm looking at a varity of other 10k races coming up that I could enter aswell. I've also had an email of confirmation come back to say I have a place in the Silverstone Addidas half Marathon in March so I really have to get stuck in now.
  • Hi Craig,

    Ignore the 26 minutes for a 10k as that is just plain crazy. I know fast runners that do 10k in mid 30 minutes and that is bloody quick. 49 mins is very respectable mate. That's around the 8 min/mile mark.

    Jason's advice is very good advice. I run with the club on tuesday's, usually 6 miles with a similar run on thursday and then a 5k park run on saturday with a final long slow run on Sunday.

  • Hi Graham, Yeah thanks for that I will defo ignore the 26 minute quote. I have since however planned my week differently now including 2 longer runs and now a sprint session so hopefully over the next few weeks I could start to see improvements in my 5k and 10k runs.

    I would love to get my 5k Parkrun time below 20 mins (currently at 22:52 PB) but i'm sure I will get there with all the advice i've taken on board. Now for the fun part - Start training more image

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