Swim smooth coaching

Has anyone had a swim smooth video coaching session? I am trying to be given swim coaching for Birthday/ Xmas presents this year so am researching what is out there. I like to idea of a video session but it is expensive so if anyone has any experience it would be good to hear. Thanks.


  • I was pondering whether to join one of these too. Done the dvd's and books and stuck now- I am pretty crap at swimming though image

  • I have booked one - but it isn't until January, but the coach at my tri club did say it would be worth it.

  • It seems that the detailed video analysis can be worth a number of 'normal' coaching sessions in terms of impact. I use video for feedback to support learning at work so can believe this. Just cautious as it feels a bit like all eggs in one basket in terms of available finances!

  • Depends where you are. U-Swim do swim coaching around Manchester and they use video feedback. Is not too dear either

  • Thanks, I am in Herts so Manchester a bit far....am looking into other video coaching though.

  • Yes I have had it done twice - mainly because my tri club president was also a swim smooth coach so we all got to do it at least once.

    It's fabulous.  It helped me really find out the aspects of my stroke that need tweaked.  

     The hard part is successfully implementing the changes of course.

  • I did a swimsmooth weekend 3/4 years ago. Was very good.

    I also did a weekend coaching session which was with Archie Brew a few years before that. Archie was really very good, spotted some big flaws immediately and fixed them.

    The Swimsmooth course I was on was led by Paul Newsome and he does know his stuff. Swimsmooth has grown so other coaches may be leading the course. The coach is the important thing - Swimsmooth or any other brands dont really differ much in what they are selling you - swimming is swimming (although TI might try to say they are different...).The swim stroke that most courses will coach you in is probably pretty much the same. An experienced coach will spot more things, so have a good look at the course leader and assess what they have done rather than just go on the brand.

    Nice thing about Swimsmooth is all the stuff they put online, and they have been good about getting on forums and answering questions. There was also a good vibe on the day - which helps.

    I did Swimsmooth as an improver rather than a beginner, but it seemed to me that all levels were well catered for and came away with improvements.

    I would recommend Swimsmooth. They are very good.

  • thanks, my tri coach knows the swim smooth coach I think and recommended him. I am hoping that I will be more of an improver by January!

  • Did those of you who have used Swim smooth wear fins? The chap has emailed me and said they are essential for the session but I have concerns they will cause my ankle tendon injury to flare up due to the increased resistance.

  • I cant remember about the fins. I know I didnt own fins, but cant remember if I borrowed any on the day.

    If you have a concern re the tendon I would ask the chap who emailed you - he should be able to answer.

  • Fins are pretty important, not just for improving your kick. Without them you probably won't have the correct body position for some drills. You don't have to kick hard with them, just enough to keep your lower body near the surface of the water. Unless your ankle is actually sore to run or swim at the minute i wouldn't worry about it. It could strengthen it as long as you ease into it slowly and stop if it ever starts to hurt. A shorter length set of fins should be fine and would have less stress on your ankle. 

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