Fundraising Material

I am doing a sponsored run in the near future and need some fundraising material, how do I get it and where from? Or do I create it myself.


  • Charities usually provide this. It is in their best interests ?
  • I am running for a local school though?

  • What do you need ?
  • Well, this is where I need help. I am not exactly sure what I need and where I will get it.

  • Where you get it, sort of depends on what you want
  • What sort of stuff would be good?

  • A sponsorship form. If the school is a charity that has signed up you can also do an online sponsorship site like just giving, virgin money or similar.

    Then a list of your contacts who you can approach for sponsorship.
  • Speak to the school. They must have had things done in the past.

    You want it to look official.

    You need publicity.

    You need to be sure you can do it.

    47 miles in 12 hours is a big ask.

    It's possible - but bear in mind that some new runners take over 6 hours for a marathon. Thats 26 miles. And the last few hours are just getting slower and slower.

    What terrain is the route ? Hilly ? Flat ? On main road ? Off road ? Are there safe places to run ? Id look into the logistics of that all first and your own fitness before announcing your plan. But maybe I'm over cautious ?

    An injury could put paid to your plan and injuries often come from doing too much too soon.
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