So, my rear wheel, tries to pick up the chain while i'm not peddling. leading to much flapping of chain and dodgy noises.
Any ideas?

Matt 'should know how to look after his toys' Edwards


  • ummmmmm.. not sure what you mean...

    do you mean it's not freewheeling properly so the sprockets are still trying to push the chain round?

    is it that the rear derailleur cage is catching on the spokes?

    is the chain just tooo loose ?
  • Not freewheeling properly is my guess - sprockets are catching the chain.
    Derailleur not catching, and chain seems ok tho it is old.

    I had the freewheel replaced about 6 months ago, and sometimes it seems to behave itself and sometimes its a real pain in the butt.
  • Yeah - i think your freewheel isn't very free at all. I've had the opposite where it just got completely free and wouldn't catch at all.

    Sounds like you might need a new one. :-(
  • Crap. Are they expensive?
  • About £15 for an 8 speed from Deeside cycles.
  • I like freewheels. Some are noisy, but mine is almost silent when clean. I like that.
  • Thats nice Chris!

    Does sound like the freewheel, unless Deraille dead, or full or rubbish..
  • Just for info for you mechanics, my freehub had seized apparently, which means new freehub and new wheel. plus service plus new chain = £90, hooray! and on a friday too! and the day after the bank says I can't have my interest free £2000 graduate overdraft anymore!

  • Hmmm. Why would you need a new wheel ?
    Am I missing something here ?
  • sounds like they may be trying to sell matt stuff he doesn't really need.....?
  • I can't see why the freewheel breaking would affect the wheel ?

    It just screws on and off ?
  • new hub MAYBE but cant see need for new wheel either. Get it double checked and ask reason. Also How old was your chain, although newer is better than older!
  • Something had seized up apparently and kinda bonded itself to the wheel?
    I think they are reliable shop (Fred Baker cycles in bristol), at least that's their reputation.
    Also, its a specialized hybrid bike and apparently getting specialized spares can be expensive- two people have told me this anyway.
    And my rear wheel had a slight buckle already so i guess a new wheel is not a bad thing.
    But yes I could have been royally screwed I spose!
  • Well maybe the freewheel could have bonded to the wheel, but it's never happened to me.

    A slight buckle can be corrected in seconds with a spoke key - that's not an issue at all.

    Ho hum - least you have a shiny new wheel and chain !
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