My shiny helmet...

I got a new helmet in the post today, just wondering whether the fits ok? Anyone have anything to offer on the matter?

My heads not wanting to escape, but the fit is certainly snugger than my ol' headbang protector!


  • Is there an adjustable roc-loc thing at the back ? That can make a world of difference.
  • There is indeed... But it's expanded to the max... Might send it back and get a medium one instead... My cheaper one was a bit wobbly, but that's probably co it was cheap!
  • Yeah - medium sounds right for you.
    You don't want it stretched to the max from the start. I usually wear bandanas & things underneath mine. Helps with the sweat in the summer and keeps the chill off in the winter.
  • Bandanas Cougie? Doesn't that negate having all those air vents in the helmet to let the heat escape?
  • Kinda does Ironwolf. But the plus point is that my hair doesn't end up with helmet vent hair - which is very funny.
  • Mine always looks like that! Boom-boom.
  • if you can get a cowboy hat underneath its too big

    hope that helps
  • *another* cowboy reference...

    [scratches head, puzzled]
  • LOL cougs have vision of cougie at the hairdressers with 'plastic cap' on head with hair pulled through ready for highlights!

    Is that the 'helmet vent hair' that you descirbe?
  • cougie/ironwolf - i wear headsweats (coolmax wicking bandanas with built in sweatbands) under my helmet - seems to give all the benefits of wearing something under your hat without the danger of overheating
  • Oooh - never seen them.

    Don't think the bandana makes me overheat.
  • You can try Heddys or Buffs as they fold into tubes just wide enough to cover the ears and stop earache. I also bought from Tammy Girl for one of the Queens pounds each some knitted bands that just cover the ears- the plus point being they come in pink or blue to match the bike.
  • Ive got a heady
  • I have one of each ! Nyaaaah !!!! ;-)
  • in pink and blue, Cougie?

    don't they clash with your red and yellow?
  • Noooo - not Pink and Blue. Monique beat me to Tammy Girl - she's just too darn fast.
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