'The Challenge'

Check this (I have an application form if anyone wants it):

BBC Challenge series
In what appears to be an interesting variant on the theme of "are you tough
enough", the BBC have launched a new reality TV series. Called The
Challenge, it is intended to appeal to the sort of person who sits in front
of the TV watching, say, someone trekking to the North Pole or doing the
Paris-Dacca rally and says "I bet I could do that".

The Beeb is looking for fit people, like triathletes, to take on a diverse
range of challenges in adventure or endurance sports. If you're interested
contact the Assistant Producer, Julie Soper, at The Challenge, Room 4454,
BBC Whitecity, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS phone 020 8752 4824 or email
[email protected] Don't forget to include daytime telephone
numbers and you must be over 18 to apply.

Endurance Coach @ DazCarterFitness.com
Elite Ironman, Ultra Trail Runner


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