After a bit of a bike ride...

.. it is normal for your nuts to ache..?

somehow I can't see this one making it to the RW webcat section..

Dont caz it lads, serious question..


  • Errr, could be. Have you got padded lycra shorts ? You need everything snug and secure, and comfy.

    I 'have' got nut-ache from running with too little support though. They don't like all that impact.

  • yep, have got padding, but maybe they just have to 'bed in' a little.
  • I had this problem, not nuts aching but fanny aching, and just had to ride it out until the ache buggered off!

    I have not tried the padded shorts yet but will do, good advice mr cougs as always!

    Don't get same ache downstairs from running but do get it upstairs if you know what I mean!
  • leaning forward tends to put pressure whree it ought not to be.. i.e. drops or tri bars.

    i did a 10mile TT a while back almost 100% on the tri bars & couldn't feel a thing down below after.

  • can feel it now mate.

    Big time!
  • Wolfy, you are PRICELESS!
  • Numb nuts is the technical term, I think some of the guys on the pro circuit use special oils etc to harden certain areas(getting kinkier by the moment). Wolfy I think there is a magazine you might find empathy with it is called RV (figure it out for yourself) and is by female cyclists for female cyclists and discusses certain issues such as the ubiquitous fanny ache, padded shorts are definitely the way ahead but remember to keep washing them as much as possible or suffer the consequences (whatever they are!).
  • NUMB?

    .........anything but numb mate.

    But I take your point.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Mr Nessie always looks forward to the numbing sensation, which apparently is preferrable to the pain.

    Wolfy - empathise. Padded shorts help the "I've bruised my bum bones" feeling, but use vaseline, as the padding can chafe a **very** delicate bit.............
  • Get yourself a body geometry saddle
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Is that for girlies as well as chaps, Will?
  • Will

  • Is that the one with the hole Will ?

    For soft shandy drinking southerners !!!

    (he says with the gel insert in his saddle)

  • I drink shandies.... and your point is?
  • maybe tilt your seat forwards a bit?

    or play around with the geometry?

    i regularly do 4 or 5 hour weekend cycles and never had that problem... plenty of others (toe nails falling off etc) but never that one

    got a royalgel race saddle
  • body geometry or gel saddles properly set up should get rid of numb nuts but I still get it on big climbs, probably because I have my weight further forward onto the pubic bone which causes the problem.
  • I think it's *your* point where the prob lies Barkles ! ;-)

    On descents you can raise yourself out of the saddle and just hover an inch or so above it. Your weight balance is the same, but if you hit a bump, your arms and legs will act as shock absorbers, and so it won't get to your nuts.

    AC - toenails falling off ? Eeeek !

    FbF I tend to try and sit farther back in the saddle on hills.

    I do ride on the nose of it in Timetrials though.
  • I've got a flite saddle and after the initial 'get yer arse to mould into the shape of the saddle' period, it's the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on... With the odd exceptions her and there...
  • I think it's really just a matter of time Barkles, and testing different saddles/riding positions until your 'bits' get accustomed to the stress! It's no different for us women, just the pain is in a slightly different area.

    Wolfy, I've got used to biking wearing a padded swimsuit during tri races, it took a while, and every season the first few rides are uncomfortable until your most sensiitve parts are accustomed again to hours on the bike. I find the worst is going for a pee while you're still sore!
  • RAPIDLY revisiting my determination to learn to ride a bike.

    Are Goldwings acceptable on a tri course? They're nice and cushioned...
  • Flite are v good. I've got a gel flite.

    Still a bit sore if I have a few weeks off though. But as Jon. and Ironwolf say - with time you get used to it.
  • Know what you mean Ironwolf...ouch!!

    Trouble is, like you say, it's ok after a while but like me now I haven't been on my bike for a couple of weeks and the pain of the exertion doesn't bother me one bit but the pain down below puts me right off!

    Do you think I would look silly if I take my comfort cushion 'leopard skin number from John Lewis which normally resides on my bed' and pop it under my delicate bits for the first few rides?
  • I might object...might be a relative.
  • Hmm, so I am not alone then! I only use my bicycle for going to and from work - 2 very undulating miles each eay - but a few weeks ago went to the doc because I was worried that something bad was going on down below. After examining me, the first thing she asked was if I ride a bicycle. Then she told me not to wear any pants when I'm at home. And now I'm fine.

    I sympathise for you proper cyclists!!
  • Oh yeah - and ladies - especially no thongs in my spin classes or when you are out on the bike. Just lycra shorts and it should be much more comfy.

    I haven't yet conducted a thong inspection in class - but the threat is there !
  • Hildy!

    Commando at home?
  • ( rapidly thums directory to book into Cougie's spinning class)

    This should be good!
  • Gel Flite Cougie? You girl!!!
  • Absolutely Barkles. Twas a little bit strange at first. Oh yes, the doc also banned thongs.
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