After a bit of a bike ride...



  • Oh the power !!!
  • Yeah, absolutely no thongs! Keep 'em for the beach.
  • I am trying to concentrate here...Hildy STOPPIT!
  • Don't look at the piccy on the front page of the Star then. Thong or dental floss ?

    Created quite a debate in the office today.
  • ...not that I would ever wear a thong - so uncomfortable!

    It's a huge fashion conspiracy - if they started to make clothing out of decent fabrics again, then people wouldn't need to worry about the dreaded VPL, so they wouldn't need/want to wear thongs. Ugh!!!

    Sorry, back to the cycling then...
  • concentrate on what Barkles - finding that kid's tooth? :)
  • tee hee....

    actually am invigilating at the mo, so not allowed to do anything of substance..
  • ah, I see, well, better not suddenly laugh out then?!

    I need to write my Norwegian essay, and then have productive thoughts about Luce Irigaray. And then write them into my thesis intro. Make of that what you will!
  • Sounds complicated Hilde
  • Body geometry sadles (by Specialised) come in losts of types

    Woman Specific

    I have one on my MTB and one on my race bike - they arnt the lightest in th world but when it comest to sadles and long rides - comfort is king
  • Thanks for raising the tone again WW.
  • <boooo !>

  • it's the 'etc' that intrigues me...
  • I have a womens specific saddle on my MTB and believe me if someone stole my bike I would be more upset about my saddle going!! That and padded shorts are the best thing ever!
  • boinged this cos I had fun on here today!
  • fact, I distinctly remember blond bird mentioning pins and needles in her unmentionables (though of course she did mention them) a few days ago when she'd ridden a bike...

    I'm really in two minds now.
  • JJ - don't worry. Yes, sometimes you get sore but it's really worth it and you do get accustomed. Remember what they say - nothing worth having comes easily. I love my bike and in every triathlon I breathe a happy sigh of relief once out of the water and on my bike. Do join us.
  • This sounds daft but I love the bike so much I've started going to the shop on it for milk and stuff...feel like a school kid again!
  • Guys

    they are much better today.

    Thought I'd share..
  • Thanks for that Barkles. My mind can rest now.

    Wolfy - you wanna go to Center Parcs for a break. Loadsa forest to run through (er watch the tree roots though) and hire bikes to mess round on. We love it ! Just v relaxing.
  • Glad to hear it barkles!!!

    I believe so cougs, will suggest to Mr Wolf and the little wolfettes!

    Running in the rain today me thinks...pretty poohey out there today! Cougs are you coming to the zoo zoo zoo?
  • Oooh yes - will send off Zooo zooo zoooo thing today ! Wahooo ! Can we ride on the Heffalumps ?
  • yep and the nellyfants!
  • So that's it then is it? All I have to do to avoid nut ache is go to Center Parcs? Sounds expensive when I can just rub them better myself.
  • beebsbeebs ✭✭✭
    Pins and nedles and numbness which as Jj said I'd mentiond the other day.

    Interesting sensation as the feeling returns !!!!
  • Thnaks Johnny, hadn't really though tof where my wieght was/is, too busy pedalling...
  • Your bars should be at the same height as your saddle, or when you are used to it, slightly lower. That should help balance you out.
  • You should find that when your foot is at the bottom of the stroke, ie - the 6 oclock position, you still have a little bend in your knee. And you don't have to wiggle from side to side to reach the bottom of the stroke. Your bum should stay still on the saddle.
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