Adidas KANADIA 4TR - trail shoes - anyone recommend?

...What it says in the title.  Thinking of getting some of these online  - has anyone got trail experience with them please that you'd like to share?

I need a supportive shoe.  Am also looking at Brooks Cascadia 7s...anyone got those?



  • questforspeed wrote (see)

    I need a supportive shoe.  

    Even for running off-road... 

  • Cheap n chearful. I don't get on with them as I found them quite narrow. Other runners at my club love them.

    Try them and see.
  • I know a couple of guys who've been buying them for years, love them and wear them for distances up to 100 miles. Also know a couple of guys who think they're cheap crap with poorly placed lugs which encourage muddy debris to build up and clog the soles.

    Each to their own...

    As cheap as they are, you could probably afford to just buy and try.

  • Don't have them myself but the wife loves them but she is not into serious off-road adventures either - each to his own, eh!

    They are more cushioned than most trail shoes but I don't rate the soles - will clog easily in sticky mud and the lugs are not going to gain you much purchase on a lot of surfaces.

  • I've got some and get with them okay, ran an off road marathon in them not so long ago, no blisters yay! They are quite narrow though, and bear in mind they come up on the small side. I am usually an 8 in trainers but should have got an 8.5 in these to save my toenails!

    Also I've not really tested them in really muddy or rocky conditions, just your usual off roading on tracks, grass and woodland trails.
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