URWFRC at Windsor

drewdrew ✭✭✭
Just looking through the team results page on the official web site.

If we take the points from our top 4 finishers - Drew (50), Pizza man (127), NattyNoodle (161) & Mr C (210)we would have being 4th top team.

What a result. Well done team!


  • That's pretty impressive for a team that doesn't really exist.

    Well done chaps. Maybe one day I'll get fast enough....
  • The idea of entering a team for one of the URWFRC races has been muted. Are you up for any of them Drew
  • So proud of you all!
  • And our second placed team would have been placed 13th by my count. Very impressive all round.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    BK, haven't sorted out my racing schedule for next year yet and probably won't until November.
  • Well Helsby might be one where we could enter a team or two.

    Well done URWFRC.
  • I am happy to enter in a URWFRC team if it arises, just have to make sure it is not one of my local claiming races for my 1st claim club. Cheers for the info Drew.
  • Well done everyone!
  • That's interesting, well done both teams & well done Drew & Venom.

    We realy should enter a team into a race that has a catogary for unatatched teams, either as a mixed team or mens & ladies.

    Any one know of any & who's up for it?
  • Hi PM, I am up for it if it is an accessible race for me, dont know of any though.
  • I know this will suit the southerners more than the northerners but how about the Great South Run next year as one of our events? I hear from people that ran it this year that it is well organised and a very fast course.
  • well bloody hell...that's rather good folks

    well done
  • You beat me to working out the B team position. I guess I was in the C team so I'll have a look at that one
  • Drew your team is getting faster with names I don't recognize.

    Hi Ally, Trial Runner, Leyton, Mr C and many others . Fancy joining our unofficial club. The site is


    On there you can see which races members are running and you can purchase club vests if you're interested

    Happy running
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