I go the Turbo Trainer... So what next?



  • Have you acquired any of the turbo training guides by Peter Read ?

    All solid, how to use a turbo to win races/time trials training sessions.  some are brutally hard ( on paper ).

    I use mine with an ipad and some decent headphones.  great as long as the netflix keeps moving and the content is pacey. No time to get into drama/costume/soap nonsense!

    and im just doing lots of L2 spinning every time. building a base and loosing the pounds


  • if anyone wants to get some Sufferfest videos, they're offering a 10% off for today only - use the code CANTBEWRONG when checking out

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  • The longest hardest one!

  • EP - the Sufferfest website does gove a prety good description of each video and what its good for - spped, hills, intervals etc - so it depends what you're training for?

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    err no that wasn't what I was expecting or wanting to hear!

    Sorry I thought you said you were a temptress but realise it now says tempted. Goes back to the beer.

  • The Long Scream. image

  • Sufferfest...  is that as horrible as it sounds? 

    Are they worth the money and how do they work?


    If I do the training I will be powering up the hills rather than panting up them like a gorilla on a bicycle.  SO then only corners to learn and downhills - just how does one stop getting frighten going fast down them?

    I should have stuck to just running!  At least that was only one sport I was bad at...  now I have three to total unwhelm at...  Thank goodness transition isn't a sport!

  • Bright White Trainers wrote (see)

     - just how does one stop getting frighten going fast down them?

    Simples - slow down. If you are going fast for any given corner and on the limit then it is still frightening. If not go faster. Probably gets less panicky but that is all.

  • Well I bought two and don't use them so for me no - but the guy I gave them to does use them so maybe just buy one and see what you think ?    They play on your PC so you'll need some loud speakers if you want to hear the music over your turbo - and they work on doing periods of time at effort levels 1-10 - so either you are happy just guessing how hard a 7 is and how hard a 9 is etc or else you need to work it out to power or speed and work to that.    

    I just didn't see the advantage of that over doing a set of fixed intervals, 2*20 , 5*4,   minute on minute off etc and listening to my own music on an ipod.   They are only as hard as you make them - people that are doing several back to back must be doing them at such a low intensity that it doesn't seem worthwhile from a training perspective.      

    edit - x-post -  must learn to type less 

  • If you don't want to go down the route of Sufferfest, try Chrissie Wellington's AudioFuel workouts (see their website). No video, only soundtrack. She tells you what cadence to be in, and when to do it. Music is at correct cadence so it's simple.

    And like SF you can either hammer it or do an easy session. Got me through a winter and many hotel bike sessions for the Outlaw.

  • Does it get boring doing the same DVD/MP3 list each time?

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