Club La Santa

I quite fancy going to Club La Santa and wonder if it is value for money. Is it best to go with a group and are 'solo' visitors just as welcome?

All info appreciated.


  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    Im going in December for the first time as my boyfriend raved about it so much he persuaded me to go with him (quite easily though!) As far as I can see, the more people that go, the cheaper it is for rooms
  • Will I fit into your suitcase?!? Just a thought! Full report on your return please!!!
  • I was there a few weeks ago - it rocks. The only danger is coming back overtrained because there's just sooooo much sport you can do there.

    Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants more from a holiday than laying in the sun for 10 hours a day.
  • What's the clubbing like Venom?
  • Erm, paid one visit to the disco that's on site. Sadly I fell down the steps, whilst being watched by half the Welsh rugby team...

    Good to know that there's no resort anywhere in the world completely free from drunken English fools!
  • LOL. I'd love to have seen that.
  • Clubbing is great. The kids disco rocks ! Free lemonade.

    Er, you might have to lie about your age though Richard.
  • Or pretend you are a superstar and give out autographed posters (think my kids still have one from Daley Thompson, a long time ago)
  • Not sure I could pass off as Daley Thompson though HW.
  • Well, if you squint at your pic....
  • Been 5 times - not quite decided if I like it or not - had better go again just to check ;o).

    Brilliant place !!
  • Booked for May.
    Considering a Time Share there, as can't see myself having a year without going to CLS !
  • Yeah, I'd love an idea of a time share. Any idea how much they are?
  • It varies due to the apartment and time of year. There was an office selling them that listed prices for apartments for weeks.

    Took a pic of the pricelist but not acted on it yet. (4 months later !) I'll have a look later.
  • Got back last week - 3rd trip.
    I can highly recommed it !!
  • I can find out about timeshare sales if you like, I'm an owner there and a member of the Timeshare Owners organisation
  • Hele - how many can you fit into your place (hint! Hint)
  • I am looking for a holiday to the Canaries this November.

    I am a recreational runner who does not fancy sitting about for 14 days so this place appeals to me but my partner is pregnant and is not at all sporty and we have a 17 month old daughter - would they still enjoy it?

    Also can you train there on your own?
  • Ferret why not encourage your partner to become more sporty and you look after the kids. I am only kidding really but although I have never been there I have heard there is loads to do for non-running partners.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i went in june for the first time for 10 days and took part in the 3 stages multiterrain marathon

    i'm back now, in novemeber for the international challenge
  • I have a one bedroomed apartment and I think they've changed the rules, so we used to be able to fit four peeps in, now I think they say the second pair have to be children - but not sure.

    It can get a bit cosy if anyone is untidy, but I love it there.

    We used to escape from small children by sending them off to the supervised play sessions, and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Lots to do for runners and non-runners alike, much of it is free

    However... it was built for sports people with the focus on the facilites for sports, not on gold taps and marble bathrooms, so although the apartments are functional they are not luxurious. Also, noise travels and there is a silence rule after a certain time at night so if you want to be rowdy you need to be in the bar or disco. They have increased security and the place was patrolled last time I was there, which is no bad thing.

    I find it's expensive to go there on my own as an owner (because I have to pay the full maintenance fee for each week) though and I think it would be cheaper to go direct with Sports Tours and let them organise a share with a stranger.
  • Hey Helen - an indication of timeshare costs would be interesting. Just for my own curiousity really, although I would be mighty tempted...
  • If anyone's interested there's a spare place going, 13-20 November as I can no longer go (starting a new job), flying from Manchester, sharing with 4 others, 2m, 2f....
  • Quite interested in these 'holidays'. What kind of price are you looking at for say 7 days , 2 sharing?
  • Anyone on the forum own a timeshare there still ? I've just been asked if I'd like to buy someones off them and I'm quite tempted ?

    Anything to watch out for ?

    We've been three or four times already so we know we like the place so thats not a risk.

    We'd be going in May ? So not mega hot either.
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