Running with a cold. Good or bad idea?

I'm dying to get out running, kinda lost my mojo for a bit due to injury and now I have a cold.  I am a stubborn individual when it comes to my running/fitness but seriously don't want to make myself any worse, am just dying to get out again.  Part of me wants to "sweat it out" but is that a good idea?  Missed my 10K today but thinking of doing my 7K tomorrow instead albeit at a gentler pace



  • If no fever and no symptoms below the neck then I run although I do listen to my body and will take it easy if necessary.

  • Crimson is right. If its from the head up, then just sweat it out, but if your body is feeling run down too, then take it easy. Better to ease up, then make it worse.

  • Absolutely. It's very dangerous to run with an illness. If you just have a head cold then you can run. More than that and you risk inflammation of the heart or even death. I mean what I say - I personally know of at least 5 people who ran when they shouldn't, 4 can't run ever again, and the 5th died. He was a very fit man, a member of the British Orienteering Team, ex-Marine as well, caught the flu, went out and ran 10km before he had properly recovered and dropped dead 30 mins after coming home. So don't do it.

  • Bionic iron wolf that's scary to think that's actually happened but also great advice.

    I'm quite good on the cold fronts as I work outside all the time but if I do catch one I shall be giving the run a miss image
  • You might as well call it a recovery week.  Have a long term focus - would you rather have the first or second block of training?
    1) Early/ unplanned recovery week (while having a cold, means that milage cut back more than normal); 4 weeks of solid training; Recovery Week

    2) Running with cold (still have to cut down on milage and no quality sessions); 3 weeks of solid training; Recovery week

    Do about 60% of the miles you had planned to do, no quality runs, and run as slow as necessary

  • Funnily enough i've got the start of a cold now (bunged up, sniffles, sore throat, fuzzy head) just after completing a 10k race this morning. The sound advice from what l can gather is always take one days complete rest for each mile ran so by that estimate l can call it rest week until Saturday.

    Running with a cold wouldnt be any sort of fun imo and more likely to result in a bad run thus further destabilising your confidence. Stay indoors until you're ready to take on the world again l recks!

  • Nothing as serious as Ironwolf's experience, but I endorse the advice to back off if unwell. A little sniffle is ok, but anything worse needs respect. I ignored this nearly 10 years ago, did not want to miss a key race so ran with a mild virus infection. I ended up with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) I couldn't run properly for three years (started with 400m walk, with rest breaks) and I've only got back to my old performance level in the last year or so.

  • Scarey thoughts folks but thanks. I let my heart rule my head. Has a bad day at work and nothing like a run to clear the head. Very bad move. Chest was in so sore but I decided it wld be fine to run through it. Knew in my heart I shouldn't have done it. My chest was in so much pain when I finished. Gave me a fright so lesson learned. NEVER RUNNING ON A COLD AGAIN and would not advise anyone else to either. Next time I will listen to you folks
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