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  • Lars,

    As far as finding a good hotel is concerned I've always been fine with the rough guide to...
  • M.

    Another one for your collection.

    Halstead (Essex) - 16 May 2004
  • boing
  • Can anyone recommend one for me? I'd preferably want one in UK or Ireland.......ideally with large numbers so I won't be running alone at the back and one that is flat?
  • LarsLars ✭✭✭
    Does anyone know when they stop cashing cheques?
  • Ill be doing stratford
  • Bit short notice but Luton Marathon on Dec 7th this year. (or similar date in '04)
  • I think people will be looking at marathons within the timeframe 4th - 25th April.

    A 7 and a half month taper for Luton '04 is perhaps a tad excessive!

    Although I'll find out whether or not I got through the ballot by the first week of December, I won't know whether I've gotten a gold bond until the second week of January, by which time I should've been a month into any marathon training regime.
  • Another one for the list Palma 04/04/04.
    If I get rejected for London (Again) I will be doing this one.
  • I have been informed that the White peak Marathon in Derbyshire organised by Matlock AC is on May 22nd next year.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hmmm, the words "marathon" and "peak" in the same sentence sound a bit scary..........

    Duchy 21st March

    & you can delete Sheffield, they are only doing a half, confirmed.

    & probably Leeds will do the same although that is unconfirmed.

    oh, your list just makes me want to run all of them, and I'm supposed to be cutting down.

  • I was due to run my first marathon in Dublin last month but had to EXTREMELY reluctantly pull out due to injury a couple of weeks before hand. I have applied to FLM but I'm not holding my breath as I'm hoping for a lottery place so I have been looking around for alternatives.

    I was thinking of either Rotterdam or Paris. I've ready mixed reports on Rotterdam. Some people love it and others complained it was too crowded and not enough water stations. 5 hr cut off is also a worry. I had planned sub 4.30 but when I ran my 20M run preparing for Dublin I was dying towards the end and revised it to be close to 5 hrs. So don't know whether or not to go for Rotterdam.

    This might be a stupid question but when you're doing a marathon on mainland Europe does the language barrier cause any difficulties? I'm a bit concerned that if I was to do Paris for example, that there might be a vitally important message given at the start and because my school french has disappeared into the recesses of my mind I might not understand. As I will be flying from Ireland I'm more inclined to go for a larger European marathon than Connemara which is the only Spring marathon I'm aware of in Ireland ( I think Belfast is later and it's easier to get to Europe than Belfast from where I live) which I think might be a bit tough for my first marathon.
  • Orca,

    Rotterdam had 7500 runners last year and really was not crowded. Water and energy drinks every 5km and the Dutch speak better English than we do!!! Fantastic in all respects and very easy to enter.

  • hmm Rotterdam does sound interesting but I'm still recovering from injury sustained completing Dublin. Great race though. You missed a treat Orca - I'd recommend it next year.
  • Thank you everyone for the additional updates and suggestions. I've left Leeds in until we hear more. Not too sure about Palma. Right timeframe etc but its their first one and some of the ideas seem a bit bizarre - like getting a bus back to the start after you've finished? But its championchipped etc so I guess that ones a wait and see.....

    Barcelona - March 21
    Duchy - March 21
    Connemara - March 28
    Rome - March 28
    Lyon - March 28
    Bungay Black Dog - April 4
    Taunton - April 4
    Bonn - April 4
    Zurich - April 4
    Paris - April 4
    Rotterdam - April 4
    Palma - April 4
    Turin - April 18
    Hamburg - April 18
    Tresco - April 18
    Linz - April 18
    Shakespeare - April 25
    Padua - April 25
    Lochaber - April 25
    Madrid - April 25
    Neolithic - May 2
    Dusseldorf - May 2
    Belfast - May 3
    Leeds - May 9
    Halstead - May 16
    Copenhagen - May 16
    Vienna - May 16
    White Peak Marathon (Derbyshire) - May 22
    Prague - May 23
    Stockholm - June 5
    Lake Vyrnwy - June 6
    Dartmoor Vale - June 13
    Edinburgh - June 13

    Le Touquet - ?(mid April)
  • shades - i think running all of them might be a bit tricky. perhaps you could limit yourself to one or two a day?
    You're right M, I must cut down..
  • Thanks Simon, I think I might try Rotterdam if I'm feeling confident about the 5 hr finish. Won't be sure until I'm further into the training. When is the closing date for entries? What's the handiest way to get there?

    I figured the Dutch would probably be OK to give notices in English, but what about the French (Paris) or Italians (Turin) if I don't think I'll make the five hours?

    M. Thanks for such a super list to choose from.
  • Paris is very well anounced - in French/English/German. I think there were well over 1000 UK runners last year so you'll not be on your own!!

    I think the time limit is nearer 6 hours in Paris as well - I finished in 4:30 and there we plenty behind me.
  • Any comments about Prague? Is it likely to be very hot then ?
  • Orca, If you are at all interested in Copenhagen on 16th May then come over to our thread under events. We are having Danish lessons c/o forumite CR! so language barrier, no problem.
  • how about the tresco marathon on the beautiful isles of scilly . its on the same day as london
  • right now, as a student, if london doesnt come off Im looking CHEAP!!! so I was thinking prague (easyjet + £6 per night hostel) or belfast (can stay at home in sunny bangor!!)

    can anyone give me any feedback? particularly on Belfast since noone seems to be considering it :o/
  • Do Halstead: 200 runners, endless Essex country lanes - just you and your soul really . . .
  • Chices, choices!
    I've narrowed it down to about 6 at present. I've still got a chance of an FLM place with my club so will wait to see if i get in or not. Otherwise possibilities are Belfast, Prague (both cheap), Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tresco, Madrid.
  • Anyone know anything about the Rome marathon ?
  • I havent done Parague marathon, but I did do the 1/2m this year - it was brill!
    It was very cold (-5C) when we arrived last March but race day was ideal (+6-10C).
    Course was flat with plenty of architecture to marvel at - it followed a section of the marathon route.
    Both marathon & 1/2m races start on Charles bridge, & finish nearby.

    There was a fair bit of running on cobbles which I wasnt too keen on...

    Post race celebrations made up for it with very inexpensive food & drink.

    I gather that air quality can be a problem in the summer months, so I dont know how affected the marathon in May would be.

    I would highly recommend Prague as a running destination!
  • Llama Man

    Meanwhile come and visit Wonderful Copenhagen thread. Am sure you will get warm welcome

  • Will do CR
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