Sore ankle

I am relatively new to running, a year in now, having come across from cycling and have built up from the real basics (run 1 min, walk 1 min) to doing about 15 miles a week between 2 runs. Recently (last 4 weeks) I have started to get a dull pain in my right ankle, the pain is very localised and appears to be in/on the bone on the inside of the joint. It occurs during longer runs and I do get residual pain afterwards but it generally disappears during the following day. I can happily run with the discomfort but know that this probably isn't the best course of action if I don't want to end up with a running related injury. 

I recently had my stride etc examined and as a result I bought a new pair of trainers and orthotics, before that I had been running in a pair that a friend had given me. 

Any thoughts?


  • Did the injury status improve with the trainer update?
  • Jason asks a key question....  and have you had any change in your running schedule?  Has the mileage been steady, or did it jump up just prior to the initial injury?  (maybe the 3 subsequent weeks haven't been a cause of the problem... but might be enough to prevent full healing of the injury).

    First thing I'd do is have a week off running...  maybe go on a bike or rowing machine to keep your exercise up, without the impact.

  • The pain started a couple of weeks after getting the new trainers but has also coincided with an increase in weekly mileage. I concentrated on how it felt tonight and it was more when I push off rather than when I land on my heel. 

    I have started doing runs with a variation of my running footwear, eg. new trainers without inserts, old trainers with inserts etc. So far no improvement.... I will consider having a week off possibly after seeing my chiropracter.


  • Hmmm sounds to me as weak ankle muscles amber! OR/AND you got the wrong trainers. Having the wrong ones will obviously have an effect on you running style etc so will bound to upset something.

    Have you thought about strengthening them if you are going to have a week off from the running?

    I got told a balance board doing squats was good for the ankles or single leg squats, either is good for that.
  • Thanks for the advice Jason. Have you tried a balance board?

    I have considered that the shoes may be wrong, somewhat galling given how much they cost but I'd rather shell out for those rather than be lumbered with an injury! Hard to determine what the actual issue is though and this was what I was trying to investigate on this forum. I am past the 30 day return policy the shop have unfortunately....

  • I have indeed tried the balance board and it works a treat. Obviously not straight away but in time it really does help with the weaker muscles.

    Sorry to hear about the trainers image that's the most important piece of kit in my opinion so if you have been miss informed that's a real bummer!!

    Don't forget as your a keen cyclist your leg muscles/other muscles haven't had the impact like runners so anything different is going to hurt for a while.

    Hopefully you will be injury free in no time so can really benefit the joys of running image
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