Cornish fell running

Back from holiday - the world seems to have moved on in the last week and a bit doesn't it?

Was able to get out for some 30 min+ outings while away. Since we were right on the coast near Mevagissey, these were of necessity excursions along the SW coastal path - with steep climbs and drops - quite different from anything I've ever done before! Made me appreciate how difficult fell running is at any rate. We'll see if it's made any positive difference to my performance in the next few days...


  • Mike S

    funny you mention that about the Cornish Coastal Path. I was in Port Isaac a couple of weekends back and ran on the same path you mention albeit on the North Central coast. It nearly killed me!! My quads the next day felt like I'de been out for an 18 miler!!!

  • I'm going on hols in week or two - mum & dad live on the north coast - combination of coastal path and beach running always makes me feel like i need another holiday when I get back!
  • We were in Port Isaac on Saturday - we adjourned to another hotel near Camelford at the weekend. Running round there certainly didn't look any easier!
    I actually found I felt the effects the following day at the tops of my hamstrings (or higher - is that a different muscle group?).
    The other thing I didn't mention was going downhill - a sport in its own right on the unfenced cliffs when you're trying to pick out a safe footing with the sweat just having got into your eyes and made them water....I didn't dare go out the one day it rained at Mevagissey.
  • I live right on the North coast - nothing's flat, but hey what about the views !
  • I used to live in Saltash and I don't remember a single flat street in the town. And the wind...
  • I can believe it.
    Don't mention wind - we get plenty enough here on the NW tip of the Wirral peninsula....
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