Hi, I am James from Hitchin and 34 years old and very overweight (17st when i started running in Sept)

Started running 20th September this year after myself and a friend decided to get ourselves a challenging hobby we can both spar each other with and settled on running.

I managed a 5k at a time of 41 m (my first time running since High school and that time I 'borrowed' a garden gnome from a front garden) since then I have been doing training on a treadmil -

Monday easy run 2mi

Wednesday 3.11mi (5k)

Friday 4mi (going to 5mi this coming week)

I am trying to slowly increase my speed which I can manage a 5k in 33mins 42s now on the treadmill.  Today I did a 3.6mi village race in Harlington in 37min 42secs and am looking to do a 5k next month in Whitstable (coastal run) second week of November with my friend.

On the dietary side about 2 months ago I basically gave up everything unhelpful, Drink, junk food, pop etc and have lost just over 1stone since I started running on September 20th. I have the eating under control for now and so I was wondering what I can do to best increase my time between now and then as beating the pants off my 5 years younger and skinnier friend would be lovely. 

 I think my main enemies from todays little race was judging my pace and the 2 steep hill climbs one was over half a km and decimated me to the point I was on the verge of stopping and honestly might of had it not been for the fact some people were behind me.



  • Hi James

    You've made a good start in losing weight and improving your diet. You'll probably get lots of advice on where to go next. Personally I'd concentrate for the time being on slowly increasing the distances you run rather than thinking too much about speed. Keep the pace comfortable and you'll not only be less likely to get injured but your speed will automatically increase when you do race, even if that doesn't seem to be commonsense.

    Three times a week sounds about right for now. In a few weeks you could think about adding a fourth day to that but don't try to do too much too soon and don't let the rivalry with your friend tempt you to push too hard. It'll be better in the long run, believe me.

  • Well I am certainly feeling it today from the run yesterday christ, havent felt this sore since I did my first run 4 weeks back in fact it's worse lol...

    No pain no gain eh.


  • Great progress. Just listen to the body and build up slowly. Add the distance or pace because you feel ready not because it is a target that you set starting out I think the experts say add no more than 10%. I started running last November and I lost 4 weeks with knee pain because I pushed too much.

    No pain / no gain is not always the best way. Having said that you are doing great so just keep at it. 

  • Did a 3.5k run along the river near our house today and most of the aches are gone my shins were grumbling so I may just make it a 2 run week this week and do a 5k on friday then back to my schedule.

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