Stupidly expensive cycling kit

Just thumbing through the latest WhatMTB... spotted some Crank Brothers Triple Ti pedals at £295!!! Gotta be the most outrageously priced components I've ever seen....


  • Does seem a tad over the top.
    Although when I was younger Campag were pretty ridiculous and you needed the specific Campag tool to go with it too ! I think they still make corkscrews for about £70.
  • Evans have a Park toilet roll holder for a tenner I think. Also a pizza slice for 6 or something like that.
    If this is not daft cycling kit I don't know what is.
  • Ah yes I've seen the bog roll holder - complete with quick release skewer!
  • On a road bike I put together in 1989, I paid £250 for a set of Campag Delta brakes, they don't have ergo gear shifters, but they still look dead sexy and I love 'em to bits....
  • Ooooh - just like Rochey !!

    They are the prettiest brakes I've ever seen. Although those Modolo Kronos were pretty cute too.

    Er, do they work ?

  • bike light?

    and i thought cateye stadiums were pricey.
  • How about carbon cranks? Who in their right minds would bother forking out £300 for a set of cranks?!

    Shimano's Saint Gruppo should have an amusing prce tag methinks.
  • Or how about Manitou Dorado downhill forks?

    only £1300!
  • Passed a guy on Alpe d'Huez on his Carbon cranks. They were creaking like it was going out of fashion. Awful. Not on my shopping list.
  • i got a bell shaped like a football, with a ringer shaped like a boot (on a spring), for £1.99
  • It was Roche using them that they became a "must have". To be honest, the old set of picolo records a la Bernard Hainault work better and they're a pain in the posterior to keep clean...
  • But oooooh so pretty.

    How many moving parts inside though ?
  • At the time of writing, about 6 less than when they were new....
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