Mobile running apps.

Hi, it's a long time since I was last in these parts - just before my four year old was born I think! Anywho, I was wondering about other peoples' experiences because I've been using CardioTrainer on my android phone for two years - always with somewhat mixed results but when it becomes inaccurate it generally needs updating. At the moment the map showing where I've run is totally wrong and the distances wildly out, but it's completely updated. Has anyone else experienced this with CardioTrainer and know of any fixes or does anyone else use an android app that is more effective? Thanks a lot. X


  • Oh, I should have mentioned, it's the free version of CardioTrainer.

    Thanks image
  • I have been using RunDouble for about a year. It is more training plan based although there is an option for free runs i.e. runs of a specific distance or open runs I think. Had some GPS issues when holidaying in Highlands but otherwise fine.


  • That's great crimson, thanks. I'll look into it image
  • runkeeper.

    has training plans that actually stop when completed unlike others I have tried

  • That's great, I'll check it out too.

    Crimson, I could only find c25k type run double apps, was that what you have? X
  • Hi chappersuk, i tried run keeper today and the accuracy was brilliant, thanks. I couldn't seem to get it to post on fb though, any hints?

  • there should a toggle in Runleeper sharing settings, you may need to enter facebook login details first and 'allow' runkeeper to post on your timeline

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