3 weeks off marathon training

Hi, been running a couple of years, train about 45-50 mpw, I was following a 16 week program for marathon, but 3 weeks near the end of schedule I got injured in a race, training more or less stopped. I went into the race with no running for 3 weeks, no proper taper and a terrible nights sleep, I was keeping a steady pace (7:20min/mile) until mile 21, then the wheels feel off, severe cramping in my hamstrings and calves, never had this before on any distance runs. Managed to carry on running/walking, last mile or so managed to pick the pace up slightly and crossed the line in 3:34. I used all the same nutrition as I normally do gels every 6 mile and drink water at every station. Just like any opinions that could of caused this. I am thinking the drop in training, but I had got a few long runs in prior to the stop in training and my thinking was they might of set me in good stead for a marathon, maybe I was wrong.

Any help would be appreciated, I have another marathon in 3 weeks.

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