5 Mile Run

Hi all,

    I have been experimenting with various different training ideas etc and trying to find what works best for me time wise. I manage to get a big run in each week and have been mixing it up with back to backs etc. However I have an hour free every morning. I could easily slip in a 5 miler. IS this beneficial? If so how can I make the most out of it. Thing is I usually do not get warmed up until about 5 miles, but it feels like a good opportunity to get a little more time on my feet.

Any thoughts


  • The shorter runs are useful, you will struggle to run long every time you go out for obvious reasons.

    Depending on your previous session in the 24/48 hours before you could use your morning run for recovery. 60 mins very easy.

    If you have had an easy day or 2 before hand than you could use it as a tempo run. Avoid going flat out into it, use the first mile as a warm up building up to your tempo pace and then maintaining that for the remainder of the session. Same could be said for a hill session maybe, warm up to the hill. 20 mins of hill reps, run back.

    You could also use that time for other options if it is the morning following a long or tough session. e.g x-training, stretching or foam rolling?

    There are plenty of ways to use the time available.

  • Good thinking batman. I think the hill reps would be beneficial so I may crack on with that. Don't forget you got to carry  me the last 13 miles at the Dorset CTS

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