running multiple marathons and recovery

Hi this is a general question to those of you who have ran consective marathons. I run a marathon about once a fortnight and generally recover for the next in about 5 days. However,I am now scheduling multiple marathons,i.e 2 in 2 days and wanted tips and advice on recovering for the second marathon. I am guessing there is no magic solution,but advice would great from some you experts



  • I've done 3 in 3  a couple of times and the answer is its going to hurt, though after 30 mins everything loosens up. I have found that ice baths definately help as does compression tights. Getting in a swimming pool as soon as you finish the day and gently stretching in water also helps. Good luck

  • Thanks for that Dubai Dave. Ran langdale and chester and feel like I have got Riga mortis. I am running a few doubles and the quadzilla over the next few months so great to hear advice from those who have similar experience. Cheers
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