London 2 Brighton Challenge 2013 100K

Thinking of doing this as a first 'proper' ultra (max I've done to date is 30m), but very worried about ability to complete it as I have a history of cramping on longer runs (marathons). Typically hits me about 1 race in 3, but there is no discernible pattern to it (ie not caused by running first half too quickly, hydration, nutrition etc - least, not that I have been able to establish anyway). Tends to be more likely to happen in hot weather (whoch perhaps points to hydration) but I've recently run a summer marathon and didn't suffer.........

I can shuffle through the last 5 or 6 miles of a marathon if it does happen (and have many times), but if it happens with 30 or 40 miles of an event left I'd be basically walking the remainder.

Any advice out there from anyone who has had similar experiences ?


  • Hi Old Gwasshopper,

    I am also doing this event and very much looking forward to it.  When you say 'cramping' do you mean stomach cramps or leg muscle cramps - or even some other form of crampimage?  Do you take electrolytes when you are running long distances?   

  • Hi Rosemary - legs I'm afraid. Can be calves, hamstrings or adductors (or any combination). So frustrating, as apart from that usually feel OK. I've tried different things, usually take Nuun tabs if I'm carrying water, but also take Endurolyte tabs as well or if it's a well-supported race with lots of water stations. Driving me mad to be honest !
  • Maybe it is as simple as hydration if you generally suffer in the heat.  L2B will be at a much slower pace (walk/run)  then a marathon so you might find it will be ok. 

     It's a great event and IMHO more to be enjoyed, admire the views, fill your boots at the check points and generally take the pressure of a time off.

  • Thanks Dips.....I guess it may be a question of balance. I have tried forcing myself to drink more on hot days, but doesn't always work. Could be that I didn't take enough electrolyte with the extra water. I never run well in the heat though.

    Agree re pacing. I've only done one 30 myself so all this ultra stuff is a bit of a mystery, but I did pace a pal for part of the SDW100 in July and hadn't really appreciated how slow you might need to go to make sure of getting through it. If I can do L2B in daylight I'll be happy.......just want to finish.
  • The winner, a woman, did it in 11.26 hours this year but I think you will find the avg runner probably finished around 14/15 hrs. So you might just scrape daylight...but be prepared for the dark! image

  • Dark, and possibly getting light again !!image

  • Great you are thinking of this one OG! image  I

  • Does anybody know what the expected level of map reading is???

  • BF - none, apparently. This is a fully marked, marshalled event - one reason why I am thinking of doing this rather than the ExtremeRunning version..........I can't be bothered with reccying or trying to find my way
  • That's good, I might  not end up in Azerbaijan then!!!

  • For me it might be quicker to travel to Azerbaijan than run L2B

  • I did London to Brighton yesterday as part of the veteran car run..   weather was dreadful..  got soaked to the skin.   Superb fun though...   

  • Think some of those cars take longer than the runners...........image

  • Hi all,

    I did the first London 2 Brighton challenge (last May) and fully endorse this event.

    You will be well catered for at the feed stations so no need to pack too many supplies but be aware that once you get out of the Lodon area (Coulsdon) don't expect to pass many shops etc - very much a rural course. Very hilly in places and if it rains before hand then expect it to be a mud bath! I walked it and found no problems with navigating by the signs. When it gets dark the signs glow (with torch light) making navigating even easier!

    It is a long way - a true challenge so if you have not done this distance before - be prepared to feel pain! good luck!!!!image

  • Just entered - talk about last minute,,,,

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