Sharp hamstring pain AFTER running?

I've got an issue with my hamstring that I'm struggling to find much information on so was hoping for some ideas to try before I resort to an expensive physio!

A few hours after I run or sometimes the next day, especially when I sit down I get a sharp pain down the back of my leg. Sometimes it feels like it's my hamstring and sometimes it's really high up my leg almost to my glutes. The harder I run the more it hurts but never when I'm running, only ever afterwards as if it's tight. It's not a constant pain it will just hurt all of a sudden then stop for a while even when I'm sat still (but nearly always when I'm sat).

I've put up with it for a while now as it doesn't stop me running but it's got to the point where it's becoming more painful and more frequent! Does anyone know what this is and how best to cure it?

PS I always stretch and I use the foam roller on it a couple of times a week.




  • Could be piriformis tightness and sciatic pain....probably worth forking out for the physio though before it gets worse...

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