Could this be a Stress Fracture

Hi all

I've been running 3.5 miles 3 times a week for the last month or so but about half way round on Tuesday's night run the inside of my ankle starting hurting. I managed to get home but the next day my ankle was puffy. I haven't run since - its not so puffy now but a wee bit sore still I'm just wondering if it could be a stress fracture? Not too sure what to do whether to head off to the Docs or the hospital?









  • No idea if it is a stress fracture but would definitely get it checked. I would probably go for the Drs route. However am fortunate in that can usually get an appointment same or next day. I always think of A and E as for things that have just happenned or require immediate attention.

  • Hi there. My boy has just injured himself while running in a similar way only the top of his foot just behind his toes became swollen overnight. I took him to AE and they took an X Ray and said it was probably a ligament strain although it could also be a stress fracture which was too small to see on the X ray.

    Apparently stress fractures become clearer when they start to heal as the bone grows back thicker in the area of the crack.

    Either way he's in loads of pain and can't put any weight on his foot and hes also on crutches so if you are as bad as him I'd go to AE and also keep your weight off the ankle for a while.
  • Is likely to be ligament on inside of ankle, but could be a stress fracture. It should be checked out and treated either way. 

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