A clean bike is a happy bike.

Just found out today that my bike fits perfectly into the shower image, no more excuses for not cleaning it.

I hope the wife isn't on these forums image


  • You must have a large shower!  My bike barely fits into the bath.

  • my first wife once came home and found the gearbox from our Chevette HSR in the bath, covered in gunk

  • I have put stuff through the dishwasher before while the wife's out
  • The dishwasher, there's an idea. Recken the cassette, chainrings and derailers could easily go thru there.

  • I always had a rug in front of the gas fire.

    It covered the place where the MG flywheel left oily tooth marks on the carpet

  • There is a car valeting place near our's them keep letting me use the big water jets for free saves tons of time and I can play witth the water gun thingy. image

  • get an ultrasonic bath - superb way to get your cassette and other bike bits clean

  • Oh I am so going to use the dishwasher now! Brill idea.
  • Just be careful of using detergent and salt on aluminium parts

  • On a similar front, I took to using our baby bottle steriliser kit to keep my own bottles bug free.  Mrs D never liked me doing it mind...

    Pic here

  • This is all fine as long as your remeber to clean the bath/shower/dishwasher/steriliser aftweards. Which is where you all seem to go wrong. image

    Also I don't recommend leaving a chain in something on the stove in a pan to boil dry. That's a smell I shall never forget.

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