Cold bath/shower before run???

I've read recently that a cold bath/shower before running is recommended to slow down the warming up process (sound like an oxymoron)!! I thought the idea was to warm up properly before running to avoid injury - how are us beginners supposed to make sense of apparently conflicting ideas?


  • I can't sufficiently express my horror at such a concept!!

    Isn't getting out the door hard enough?

    Nikki, put such dangerous thoughts out of your head AT ONCE!

    I believe Paula soaks herself in iced water after a run, but I should save such nonsense until you're going for a world record.
  • I would imagine that a cold shower beforehand would tense up muscles and lead to injury. Not to mention it'd be very unpleasant.
    Us beginners apply common sense to all theories until we know better ;-)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I've never heard of cold baths/showers before running. Taking them AFTER a hard or long session can be beneficial, as it reduces the inflammation in the fibres and increases the bloodflow, therefore getting rid of lactic acid from the muscles and speeding up repair.

    But you have to be quite brave....:o}
  • ????????


  • I can confirm it works. As part of a triathlon I had to swim 1.2m in 58F cold water followed by 3.5m run. My feet were pretty cold and I could not feel the road! I thought this was excellent and I ran at full throttle. No aching, but 20m later the feeling was gone :(

    Some russian ultra marathon guy spents a couple of seconds in an ice box followed by an intense session.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Yes, but you're mad, URR! :o)
  • yeah

    I saw a man on stage once driving nails through his cheek

    am not going to try that either

    or sitting in a glass box in a nappy

    or playing Russian Roulette on Jersey .......
  • Don't go with this one at all. Muscles need to be warm to work properly and avoid injury (and agree that getting out the door is enough with doing it freezing cold). Ice/cold bath or shower afterwards is a good idea though. I've tried it and it does work.
  • you're an example to us all Floose
  • My mother always said I set a bad example to my brother. Some things never change....
  • Just go for the cold shower after.... It's great and gets the circulation going. I do it whether I've been out training or not after a hot shower (as this slows circulation).
  • I believe that this concept was introduced in RW mag during the hot summer as a way of preventing everyone from dying of heat exhaustion whilst running.

    Personally, i went with the approach of it was too hot to run and therefore sat in the garden with a nice cold chablis
  • Puff

    my running guru
  • Homage to Puff :0)

  • The guy who did the triathlon should remember that he probably warmed up before getting into the cold water.
  • Well, there is not much you can do to warm up. The wetsuit helps a bit, but head, hands and feet are gettting quickly cold. Legs and arms are of course at working temperature, just the skin is cold and keeps the body temperature down for a bit longer.
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