Place available for Run to the Beat

I'm unable to participate as I have exams the next day.  Place was originally £46 but willing to accept offers!  Please email rosamundwood(@)googlemail(.)com if you're interested!


  • Hi Rosamund.  Have you managed to sell your place yet?  I'd pay the full price for it if it's still available. Will send you an email as well. Cheers, Jacqui

  • Hi Jacqui, the place is yours!  Drop me an email and we can arrange monies and posting on of the entry package.  Many thanks!

  • Oh thank you so much Rosamund, I'm really sorry but in the meantime one of my clients offered me their place in the race.  Hope not to have caused you any hassle.  I know on there are loads of people looking for spare places so maybe try there if you don't have any luck here.

  • Place available again, can also provide two places as flatmate just been sent away for work, contact asap if interested!

  • Hi Rosamund- do you still have two places available by any chance?

    Thanks, Andrew

  • Hi Rosamund,

    Do you still have places available? I would really like to buy one if so. Let me know, thanks!

  • Hi Rosamund,

    I am looking for one place at this event. Please let me know if it becomes available again. image




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