Dilemma gear of choice for full - Hyper Speed/New shoes/Insole

hi all, i'm training for my 2nd marathon at the moment, it's Dublin marathon and only 21 days left now.

training is going well, I’ve got PB on half marathon a few weeks ago (slashed 6 minutes from previous PB) and confident my fitness is good enough to hit my target time 3:15.

One thing I'm worried about is shoes.

i raced in brooks vapour for my first ever marathon, they were great and I managed to finish in 3:25.

but i found them too high profile. since then, I did some sprint distance triathlons and converted to fore/mid-foot strike running style.

i've been training in Newton Isaac for over 6 months and I think my running style adapted mid-foot strike pretty well.

Now, for the race, I've bought a pair of Asics Hyper Speed 5.

They are good, I did some speed training as well as long, including the half and noticed after about 25km, ball of my foot starts to ache

and I'm a bit worried that this is going to be a show stopper in Dublin.

Should I be changing shoes with little more support ( I know it’s bit late, but still has 3 weeks to run them in),

or getting soft insole (my running shop guy recommendation) sufficient enough?

Any suggestions is very much appreciated.



  • Maybe the problem isn't minimal versus cushioning, it's just that particular shoe that you're not getting on with. If you've been training for a marathon in Newtons, presumably you've done a few 18-22 milers in them. Have you not considered wearing them instead?

  • Hi, thanks for your message. well, i have been doing 10-12 miles in newton, and i wore them in a half marathon before. but i wore the hyperspeed for 18 and 20 miles runs. So i'm not sure how newton will be at the race. Think i made a slight mistake wearing hyperspeed for both longs, and should've used newton for one of the longs.....
  • You've only run over 18 miles once ?
  • No, no, i did 18 and 20 already, what i was saying was that i should have tried hyperspeed and newton to see how they feel during long runs. Rather than wearing the same shoes which gave me pain. Maybe runs-with-dogs is right in saying hyperspeed and my feet don't get on over certain distance.
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