Training for a marathon

hiya! im running (walking/probably crawling by the end!!) Edinborough marathon next may.  im training at the moment doing a mixture of treadmill work at the gym, a few races and pounding the pavements, I want to mix my training up abit to keep it varied and keep me looking forward to my next session so what would you suggest? perhaps swimming for my fitness once a week or start "caveman" training? how do you lot keep it interesting? cheers!


  • Run.

    Different runs, different routes.

    To begin with you will need to build a good strong base mileage. Something that you can live with. If you are to xtrain then it needs to be meaningful. Any aerobic exercise will help build your fitness and endurance but you really need to run as that will train you to run.

    I run, swim, cycle, do core workouts and play hockey which includes plyometric training. (which is really good for me as it's getting me more flexible and ironng out all those little niggles). I also through in a mix of other stuff like free weights but as I'm getting over a long standing elbow injury I don't do much of that at the moment.

    As for running itself, I usually run off road and do a hilly run each week though I'm training for a flatish road race so am getting some road miles in.
    Mix up the running, I do one long run at a slow pace, one club run at a varied pace, sometimes very slow if I'm at the back sometimes fast if I'm leading. I do one faster paced run, intervals, hill work etc etc etc.
    It's not unusual for me to do a short run with core work in the middle (though I might draw a line to lying in soggy mud).
    I often do 2 workouts in one day, that or I cycle commute as I don't drive.

    Some people find it easier to focus on a race, I don't like racing so that doesn't work for me. I just like to get fit.

    It may well be worthwhile to set yourself some mid term goals though - things that will be a challenge while still be acievable.

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