Brighton Marathon

I completed the Blenheim half in 2:05 yesterday and am seriously looking at doing Brighton in April. I would need to travel back to Oxford on the day though, has anyone did it previously? I am just wondering how easy it is to get back to the train station from the finish?

Also it says there are no headphones allowed - i only ever run with headphones so does anyone think it would be a big deal if I ran with them?

Any advice about hotels etc appreciated!

Best wishes to everyone,



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Hi, I think Brighton is sold out. Have you checked?

    There are loads of other marathons around that time of year you could do.

    In regards using I pods if the rules say no then why not obey them? I do all of my training with one but never race with one.
  • Cheers Millsy, not sure if I could do it without Music, need to have the safety net of the Rocky soundtrack for when the legs start to ache!

  • If you run an event and ignore the rules you could get DQ'd.
  • Yep, I think I'll have to find another race, cheers though guys

  • Bit late to the party, but I ran Brighton this year, the advice about headphones was exactly the same as for 2013 and I ran with earphones - as did plenty of other people.  I do agree that it can detract from the party atmosphere, but you can take them out/put them in depending on how much musical motivation you need!  You won't get disqualified for wearing them.

    Brighton's a brilliant marathon - if you can get a charity place, go for it!

  • Cheers Highrise,

    I am still not 100% about it but your message helped! I ran London a few years ago and have always wanted to do another one but my knees are in bad shape, bt its six months away so if I manage them properly I think I could do it.

    Just trying to look into whether or not the train or driving down would be the best bet!

    Good luck of you run it in 2013,



  • Hey Matt Payne 3,

    My Other half has done Brighton since the first one in 2010 (which I also ran) and is running again this year.  We live in Cardiff and so can't travel on the day but we found this year staying closer to London and getting the train in and out of Brighton worked much better than trying to get a hotel in Brighton and finding parking which had been a nightmare the last few years.  However, like VLM, you need to be on a train early as they are very busy.  As an alternative to VLM I think Brighton is a pretty good choice, but it is sold out so charity maybe your only option.  Good luck whatever you decide!

  • Cheers Laudy, I have friends who live in Balham in South London so I may well ask them if they can lend me a bed for the night! I can get a charity place so will make a decision in the next few days, I have bad knees so want to see if they can manage 4-5 runs a week (today will be my third of this week....).


    Good luck to your other half if they attempt it again in 2013!

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