Running with glasses...

Hi guys,

When it was a bit ligther after work, I would usually run with an old set of glasses (old prescription too) sjut so I could make out any dips or bumps in the pavement.

Now it's getting darker, I'm finding that I have to use my up-to-date (read expensive and essential) day to day specs to see where I'm going.

I'm now worried that when my face gets sweaty and they start slipping off my nose, they'll fall off.

So, does anyone have any tips to prevent this? Any starps or nose pads or something?

Thanks, Wyn

Oh, contacts are a no go: Don't feel comfortable in them really and it's just another thing to worry about while I'm running to be honest.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I just wear my normal glasses and never have an issue with them sliding down. Are your really expensive glasses correctly fitted?
  • I wear my normal glasses and they never get near to falling off BUT they do mist up and I have to take them off. Luckily I can see enough to run without them. Races.., I do without.

  • I just use my ordinary day to day ones - have you thought about getting a really cheap pair off glasses direct or one of the other on-line providers?

  • You can either get a cheaper spare pair ( as an optician I wouldn't advise an online company - especially if you want them fitted properly) You can get them from about ??15. Also you can get an eyewear sports retainer such as croakies - a band that will keep them secure to your head.

    There is no reason why your current pair should fall off. If they need adjustments take them back to where you got them from and ask for them to be fitted more securely.
  • Cheers guys.

    I think I'll pop in and have them checked. I'll chat to them about getting my old pair re-glazed too while I'm there.

    I might invest in a band thing for extra saftey.

  • Think your current ones must need re-fitting - despite sweating like a pig at times, mine have never come close to ejecting from my face - sometimes slip down a tiny bit and I push 'em back up, but never been worried they'll come off, more that I'm running looking over the top of them at people like a sporty librarian shushing people...

    You can get straps that hang down, so they wouldn't fall, or elastic ones that hold them on your bonce - never could get the hand of the elastic ones when swimming, but guess it may just be a matter of getting used to them.

    My problem with glasses is more when it rains, I carry a hat if there's any chance of rain - or else I'd be blind. 

  • My glasses wouldn't fall off whatever I do- and I've tested them- rock climbing/ falling off, running in rain/ sleet / snow- if they're slipping down your nose they would drive me mad- opticioan should be able to sort that..

    I agree about the rain- I wear a stupid visor to keep rain off- very annoying.

  • My eyesight recently started to get worse so I bought a cheap pair for £5 to see if they helped. Obviously they arent prescription glasses but they certainly improved things for when I am reading. I have now got some prescription glasses and, to be honest, there isnt a massive difference between them and the cheap pair I bought. If you're worried about them falling off or whatever maybe you could try that ? Others have already posted on this thread have already said that they dont have any issues so maybe use your normal glasses first to see how you get on

  • Could you get new lenses with the right prescription fitted to your old frames? That would be a cheaper solution than all-new glasses and you wouldn't need to worry about them as much.
  • tricialitt wrote (see)

    I agree about the rain- I wear a stupid visor to keep rain off- very annoying.

    Visors aren't stupid - they're great! I don't wear glasses but I love my cheap visor for keeping both rain and sun out of my eyes when running.

  • I know you,ve said contacts are a no-no, but disposable dailies have been a revelation for me since I started using a few years ago. Would now only wear glasses for running/cycling if I have finished my supply of lenses. No rain issues, steaming up, sliding around etc.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭
    BIGMIKE wrote (see)

    I know you,ve said contacts are a no-no, but disposable dailies have been a revelation for me since I started using a few years ago. Would now only wear glasses for running/cycling if I have finished my supply of lenses. No rain issues, steaming up, sliding around etc.

    And you can wear sunglasses when the sun is shining image

    I wouldn't wear my glasses for sport - I use (monthly) disposable contact lenses.  They really are no bother, and don't cost much.

  • Get your prescription, go to specs avers get a dirt cheap set made with a ugly cheapest you can find frame and use them to run in, get them polarised actually so sunglasses for summer running.

    No worries about your *expensive* glasses then and no thinking ohh I don't want to break my glasses etc... Just freedom to run.
  • My glasses would slip and slide when I run and they are fitted properly, my optician is very good, it's just the style of the glasses. (and the ground I run over I have to admit). My cheap and old pairs, one just never will fit, (I bought them for work not running) the other bent to hell and back. I have a pair for running & cycling that I have just bought a new dusk light lens for. (it's orange). It really is very good. They are Adidas, quite expensive though.

    The sports bands look quite good though and a cheap option.

    The worst thing is tree branches and twigs when running through woods then having to search for your glasses in the mud. Not easy when you can't see without them.

    I do have a large collection of glasses, most I wouldn't dare to wear while running.

  • Do the glasses not have the benefit of keeping the branches and twigs from poking you in the eyes though? I always wear clear sports sunglasses when cycling just to keep bugs and other road debris out of my eyes. I don't run fast enough for that to be much of a problem when on foot but I imagine other people probably do!
  • Too right r-w-d, I have a notch out of the glass of one pair from something rather hard that would have taken my eye out.

    However, I was thinking about branches that catch the frame of the glasses rather than being poked in the eye.

    Having said that I would rather wear glasses as eye protection when cycle, I've had a piece of glass in my eye from the dust created by a truck as it drove past and that was when I was out walking.

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    I'll repeat what a couple of other posters have said recommending contacts. It's no exageration for me to say that buying disposable contact lenses changed my life. I first started with monthlies, but now use daily disposables and wouldn't be without them.

    However, if that's not the way you want to go, then how about some glasses retainers ? I don't mean the long pieces of string so beloved of cliched, middle aged librarians everywhere, but the neoprene sleeves that you slip over the arms. I wore them a lot when I used to do a lot of sailing and before I discovered contacts and  they were pretty good.

    Failing that, you could try the prescription goggle/ glasses used in some other sports.


  • I wear glasses and take them off to run which is fine mostly, but it would be nice to see the sights if you were on a nice marathon, like Rome for instance. How much do the monthly and daily contacts cost?

  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭

    My dailies cost about 60 pence each, and they're pretty much top of the range as I need ones with extra moisture. They're anything from about £10 to £25 for a box of 30. I think some health insurance schemes will help cover some of the costs as well.

    All I can say is try them. They honestly changed my life as I never did any sport before I started wearing them.



  • I tried contacts but got insects in them on a run in the countryside so had to remove it, weird running back. I the end I bought a pair of Oakley Flak Jackets and had some prescription lenses made (pricey but works great) and they don't have a chance of falling off. I'll get another set of lenses made for night running - I like the hydrophobic coating so rain just runs off, unlike my normal glasses that, well.. I might as well not wear them in the rain as I can barely make out anything looking through raindrops.

    Saying that about my normal glasses - I think I'll try some Nanopool "liquid glass" on them, it works great on windscreens, sinks etc.. Water can't stay on it.
  • Duct tape any good?

  • I dont think thats see through ..

  • Thanks redjeep, i'll look into pardon the pun! image

  • Thanks, guys.

    I have tried contacts before, a few years ago. Didn't take to them, the main reason being that I could feel the slightest breeze on my eye as if it were a gale force and I'm worried that'd be too annoying/distracting/uncomfortable to run with.

    Maybe I'll give a pack of disposable ones a go...

  • An alternative, but not cheap, are prescription sports glasses. If you have your prescription you can send the details to optilabs ( and they will make a set up for you. They make them for runners, cyclists, divers, sailors and even snooker players.

    They are one of the few companies that can make wrap around glasses with prescription lenses. I have a pair for cycling and have found them excellent as they cut out wind, insects etc. The thing I like best about them is that the close fit means that my eyes don't water when its windy.

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