Hi Been running now since June when I joined my local running club. Prior to this I hadn't stepped into a gym, let alone run, for 5 yrs!!! I work in an office and sit at a desk 5 days a week!!! So, I am actually running now and feel worthy of a decent pair of trainers (rather than my daughters old netball trainers!?). Yes I am being serious! Anyway went to my local running shop who stuck me on a treadmill and told me I need stability trainers. No real issues with the way I run basically. Got sore shins but that's because my trainers are rubbish and I run on the road apart from when I go to club and then it's on the track. So she recommended new balance 860v2. Anyone got any other recommendations? Nike lunar glide were also suggested but they seem a bit minimalist!? Cheers


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Most brands do an equivalent stability trainer, so there's plenty of options out there.

    However, the hardest part is finding the brands that fit your feet as they slightly differ in width/height/springiness(?) of the cushioning etc.  So other peoples "best shoe in the world" may not be suitable for you.

    Did you try the new balance ones on and did they feel comfortable?  If the shop couldn't suggest any alternatives, is there another shop you can try locally that may have a wider choice?


  • Thanks for your reply...was beginning to feel a bit lonely! image

    Tried a pair of Nike, New Balance & Asics. The New Balance felt good so maybe I will just go with those. Thanks for your advice.


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