groin injury 2weeks till half marathon

Hi All,

Ive only gone and pulled my groin playing in a charity football match yesterday and it bloody kills...i have my first half marathon in birmingham in less than 2 weeks now.(my race aim time was 2hours)

Im after any advice on best ways to recover and quick and how long should i rest before trying to run on it again etc.. my feeling is i doubt very much i will be out running this week due to the pain and then the following week i should be starting to taper (its all gone so so wrongimage)

So if any of you can pass on some advice i would be soo grateful as i dont want this injury spoiling all my hard work of training for this run.

thanks everyone


  • Can you get a treatment scotty, osteo, Physio whatever? They'll tell you what to do and do listen. My colleague was out for ages with groin but she didn't rest it at first. If yours is bad then not doing the race is much better than months on the bench.
  • Hi Potto

     yes i was thinking about visiting a physio,was going to give the groin a coulpe of days to see how it settled first.i can only hope they dont say pull out the race as id feel like i would of let alot of people down as im running for a charity and friends and faily have sponsored me.

    i will def have a look first thing in morning for physios where i live,i just hope for the best.

  • whilst i do hope your injury heals itself with some well executed physio and rest if you do choose not to enter i would gladly take your ticket and reimburse you for it. I was gutted when (like i ahve for teh last 4 years) i went to enter 2 weeks before the event it had sold out. I always raise money for Cancer research too so would love the opp to do it. 

    Let me know how it goes,



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