Hull Marathon 2013?

Hi all I was wondering if anyone had heard rumors of a Hull Marathon in 2013.


After the 2012 teething problems shall we say, the orgainsers did state they had penciled in to hold the event in 2013 on the same bank holiday in the local press.


Anyone any the wiser?


Many thanks all image





  • Just to update when I say they stated they planned to hold the event again in 2013 in the local press it was shortly after the 2012 event nothing has been mentioned since as far as I know. image

  • Are you sure the organiser will show himself again after last year's fiasco.

  • Well I dont think they will to be honest and it was a disgrace, I did run it so aware of many of the problems.

    There was talk of  the council and local running clubs been involed for a future event but could be all hear say.

    I was kinda hoping it would as could be positive event for the city if run right.

    If not im quite happy to run other Marathons within Yorkshire

    We shall see image

  • Hi Ferret. I attended a forum in September looking at the feasibility of holding a Hull Marathon in future years, with the involvement of the local running clubs. I think it is fair to say that TORO CSC, who organised the 2012 event would not be involved. We are still eagerly awaiting a response from Hull City Council, as to whether they think the event is a feasible proposition. However, it looks unlikely that an event will be held in 2013, because it is too late now to start the organisation from scratch, and fit it into a suitable place in the Marathon calendar. However, it appeared the clubs were keen to continue the event, from 2014 onwards

  • Hey Peter. Yes I was already thinking that there wouldnt be time to do a 2013 event anyways now. Its good that talks have been held regards a future event, would be a shame for Hull not to have a Marathon with running been fairly popular in the city.

    Thanks for the info its appreicated image



  • This was my first marathon and although I thought it was good shortly after finishing, with the benefit of time I think a number of things were very poor. I've just done Kielder marathon and believe me Steve Cram and his team know how to put on a fantastic marathon and with cheaper entry fees, £40. My main gripe with the Hull marathon was the route - down the back of an industrial estate that ponged of fish, past marshals who were smoking and over cobbles at 22 miles before the awful out and back up the coast to make up the mileage. I hope Hull keeps a marathon going more than anything for all the locals who kindly supported and I'll certainly be back if a combination of the council and running clubs can put one on. Just needs a runners touch and passion to organise.

  • I understand what you are saying about the route of the Hull Marathon Martin, and many other similar comments have been made to the clubs. Rest assured that these comments are taken onboard by the clubs and we are unlikely to use the same course if the event continues

  • I echo Martins comments some of the minor issues I could live with as it was a new event but the course length mistake has taken away the sence of acheivement to some runners and even rankings to the more advanced runners.

    What I thought was terrible was having to run across open roads i.e  the Hessle Road roundabout under the fly over. A group of around 10 of us I was running in had to actually stop on part of the roundabout and wait like pedestrians while a marshall didnt even stop the traffic.

    Also running along the back of Hedon Road towards the docks was unbelieveable.

    A path about 8 feet across with two way lines of runners with a drop into the rocks on the shore line was well.... I couldnt believe it!

    Anyways I best not start to winge its been mentioned before lol

    All I can say is lets hope hull does indeed have another Marathon and its well run and safe.

    Thanks to Peter and anyone involed who may help this happen image

  • I was interested in doing my first marathon in 2013, does anyone know if there are any others in the East / North Yorkshire area?
  • Come on you HULL sort it for 2014.

    The local running clubs and community put on many great races around this great area.

    I enjoyed the event warts and all but would not welcome a repeat. I still feel I did a marathon if not officially.

  • In responce to Gareth try this link

    I'm planning to do my second marathon in 2013 too, but Im thinking the Mablethorpe Marathon which is Lincolnshire way but its not till October but its nice and flat I hear and no winter training with it been in October.

    I second Happy Wanderer would be a damm shame for Hull not to have a Marathon  lets hope it happends in 2014!



  • Thanks for the link Ferret, autumn will be my prefernce anyway so Mablethorpe might be one to look at.  Definitely a shortage of marathons in Yorkshire though!

  • I am fairly sure that there will be a well organised marathon in Yorkshire in the autumn.

  • FR are you related to the legendary Quos front man Francis (showing my age) bet no one's asked that before!!.

    I'm intrigued by your post can you give any clues on month and area, as I would be interested in entering but I'm sorting out the 2013 adventures now.

  • Fancy being able to smell fish on part of a route in Hull.  When I was growing up in the area that was the persistent smell, before the fishing industry collapsed as the government sold out the fishermen, as a later administration was to do with the miners.  One of the best provincial marathons, Abingdon, also runs through an industrial estate.  I don't quite understand the criticism of that aspect.

    Anyway, yes it was a big shambles - the lack of marshalling and in particular the invalidation of the UKA certificate (and therefore insurance) due to not running the measured course.

    There are many excellent races in the city organised by the clubs, and I sincerely hope they can get a marathon off the ground by 2014.

  • does anyone know of any other marathons in yorkshire?i would like to give one a go in that area

  • I maintain a web page advertising future races near North East England:

    It would include marathons taking place in Yorkshire. It has none except an advert for the Yorkshire Marathon that is meant to be taking place on October 20th. All I'm doing is linking to an advert that is at:  But that advert doesn't have many details about the event. I've e-mailed the organiser for more details (e.g., where is it?) but I haven't had a reply yet.

    Not quite a marathon, but there is the East Hull 20 on March 17th:

    My web page does have details of marathons taking place outside Yorkshire in Hamsterley Forest (Durham), Sunderland, Druridge Bay (Northumberland), Northumberland Coast, Alnwick, Borrowdale (Cumbria), Coniston, Windermere, Edinburgh.

  • Details of the inaugural Yorkshire Marathon have now appeared. It takes place on Sunday September 20th. The race starts and finishes at York University. After wandering around the centre of York, the race heads out into the Yorkshire countryside taking in Stockton on the Forest, Scrayingham and Stamford Bridge. Looking at the map, only about 4K just after Stamford Bridge is on a main road (A166). The publicity says that it's a flat and extremely fast course. It will probably prove to be popular: so if you want to do it, enter soon. There are more details at

  • Actually OCTOBER 20th.

  • Yes, sorry.  It should be Sunday October 20th.  I've managed to get that wrong all over the place.  Thanks for letting me know.

  • SquiffSquiff ✭✭

    Hull Marathon 2012 was a good event. Things went wrong but we all have our theories as to why. Let's see if any of the 'characters' in the Hull running clubs are going to pick up the baton and put their money where their mouths are. image


  • I live local and have been told some time ago that the 'characters' in the Hull running clubs were discussing a Hull Marathon 2014.

    Is there going to be a 2014 Hull Marathon, I agree that 2012 had the basis for a very good event.

    Is Hull missing the boat yet again?


  • A kind gent on Twitter is drumming up support for a Hull Marathon 2014 and has already spoken on local Radio and to the Council and things do seem to be moving along.

    Follow at Hull Marathon 2014 ‏@Hull2014 on twitter.



  • Thanks Ferret for the update.

    There seems a fair amount of support for a Hull Marathon.

    It'll be quite a task to get on the road and learn from 2012's short comings!

  • Hull Marathon were are you!! image

    We waited but you did not answer. No spring 2014 Hull marathon at least, I can't hang around so I'm off to Manchester, no not London as I am a three times reject.

    Hull shame on you beaten by Huddersfield, Wakefield and even Chesterfield.

    Will the phoenix rise for autumn 2014? I need to know by January 6th or it's back to York for the Yorkshire marathon, a great first event with excellent support, well recommendedimage

    Hull 2014, I wouldn't bet on it!!!image

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