Tuesday 9th October 2012


Lyrics - Baby I see this world has made you sad

Hope birks is just having internet issues.

Great to see NZC - how has the training been going? Taper time now?

What:            another short, easy run if I feel ok after work
Why:             the road to recovery
Last hard:      being ill
Last rest:       7/10

Yesterdays lyrics were Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors by The Editors

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    LmH - hope you make that easy run!
    Chicka - great report, really chuffed for you, excellently paced. I'm sure we all pick off people (and name them) during races!
    AleH - best wishes for Thursday
    Emz- yep, done Marlow 2, maybe 3 times before but not in the past 4 or 5 years though
    Tom - I tend to stick with the same shoes, but have found I've grown a couple of sizes since I first stated running. Happy Shopping though

    Lyric - finally got yesterdays, should have known it straight off, they are on my running playlists (although this is not one of my fave tracks by them). And if you like the Editors, White Lies are another lot you should check out. Not sure I know todays as yet...

    what - 7 or 8 easy
    why - should be clubnight but cant get there today, see how much of Sunday's halfM is still lurking 
    last rest - last week
    last hard - Sunday

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Dustin; Agree White Lies are really good. Their first Album "To Lose My Life" particularly so.

    Physio appointment for this afternoon - so will be interesting to what comes out of it. I'm due an easy day today, not sure whether to wait until the club tonight and just run easy or go out earlier in case I get any kind of battering from physio. Despite my foot issues I've had a couple of good days running - 18 miles done, only one of which (8:01) being slower than 8:00 pace.

    NZC: always good to hear from your. Have now got the Lydiard run out of your legs....how long to your next marathon?
  • Morning!

    Lyrics: no (although I know now via google!)...won't comment, LMH!

    What: nowt, but wish I could...running would be a major stress relief at the moment!

    Tom:  hope phys is helpful

    NZC:good to hear from you. Looking forward to hearing of your up and coming marathon. Was thinking of you  the other day when I was explaining to someone about parkrun, and how it was now worldwide!Had an email form Clink yesterday: she is running reasonably well and did a tough half in about 1:43 two weeks ago.


    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    forgive my rudeness, sorry NZC , good to hear from you! I was too wrapped up in Chickas report reading back yesterday  image


  • Hi all!

    What: About 12k this morning, slow.

    Why: Day off. Felt extra happy as I ran past a few office windows!

    Last rest: Yesterday.

    Last hard: Today!

    Lyrics: Nope.
  • What: possibly a short run
    Why: trying to get all the things done which had been put off during marathon training
    Last Hard: Sunday paddle
    Last rest: yesterday
    Lyrics: no

    LMH fingers crossed for you (and Abingdon)

    Good running Tom

  • Thanks guys - glad you enjoyed my epic tale image.

    LMH: small steps, but it really sounds like you are on the mend now. No wonder your one mile at MP felt yesterday after a longish break and ATBs and all that. Stick a few more in over the next coming days to show your body what's coming. No need to wear yourself out - I quite like doing 5-6 milers simply alternating easy and MP.

    Nice to see you, NZC.

    Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

    Fantastic chickadeee - enjoy those beers - you've earned them! What do you think made the difference this time?

    Definitely the shorter build-up. 12 weeks does it for me. 16 and 18 weeks and I am past my prime come race day. Also lots of HADD type low HR running (Gobi would have been proud) and then introducing MP over the second half of the 12 weeks cycle. I tried to mix some into every 2nd or 3rd run. Basically this was my own take on P&Ds 55-70 mile 12-week schedule.

    sevendaughters wrote (see)

    I entered the Gin Pit 5 Mile. It was muddy, hilly, cold, wet and undulating, but I came home in 33.03, which McMillan has at 41.24 for 10k pace - and I definitely had it in me. Splits were all over the place (6.48, 6.04, 7.00, 6.35, 6.36) owing to the course profile but I'm really pleased with this ahead of XC season starting soon.

    bloody hell, 7D. That is seriously fast for an offroad race!

    Blisters wrote (see)

    Fantastic results day.

    Oh yes. I might have mentioned. I have now made a commitment to 2013 and have entered "Challenge Henley". It's a 26.2 mile running race with a warm up of 2.4 mile swim and 112 mile bike. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

    imageimageimage  Iron Blisters 2013 then - bring it on!!

    Little M.iss Happy wrote (see)

    But great chickadeee - fantastic racing. Do you have pernicious anaemia or was it just a deficiency that you could address with supplementation?

    supplements did the trick here. I suffer from very heavy periods (sorry, boys) and my doc recommended I stick with the supplements until this monthly nonsense stops. I usually don't eat meat either. The post-marathon steak is the one time where I indulge. (sorry, can't get rid of the small font here image)

    sevendaughters wrote (see)

    First rate, Chickadee, absolutely first rate. You've inspired me over the edge toward committing to a marathon for 2013. Watch this space!

    Blimey! Yeah, go for it. But stop running so fast image. It won't get you a good marathon time. You gotta train slow to race fast in a marathon.

    Alehouse: best of luck for Thursday. Mr. Chick had the same tests done in 2009 and it was all all fine.

    Tom: best of luck at the physio.

  • Afternoon

    What 6.4 commute
    Why 2nd week of taper
    Lyrics no

    Well done Chick

    New bag arrived today at work. Hope I'm as quick as I only ordered it yesterday before work!

    Will be more sociable when life is less hectic.

  • Lyrics were aimed at me today Alehouse image

    I wouldn't have expected that to have affected your B12 levels though chickadeee? Sounds like I need to learn to push harder in training if I'm going to make 3.3X.XX marathon at any point!

    Another 30 minutes run, plan is to try for a longer one tomorrow, probably ten miles, 30 minutes easy or a turbo on Thursday, rest on Friday then resume what would have been my taper at the weekend - how does that sound?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    LMH how are you feeling today?  We can't tell you what to do as only you know what you feel like.  Just make sure you don't overdo it!  To echo the others, you have the miles, so don't worry too much image
    Dustin I used to run with the Marlow Striders, never did the half though, I imagine it's quite hilly?
    Hello NZC good to see you back image

    What: some circuit type training with some sprints in between.  Meant to do 2 rounds, but thought I'd not overdo it, so just did the 1.
    Why: trying something different
    Last hard: can't say those sprints were easy!

    Have a good one all

  • LMH:  I personally think that plan is too much! I would still back off a bit rather than risk the return of illness. image at the aim of the lyrics!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • It's dreich outside so I'm changing a hard disk to create a dual boot Windows 7/8 laptop.

    Badminton later.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH: Agree with Alehouse, in that the 10M tomorrow is too ambitious. I'd be inclined to a maximum of 6-7M (ie 50-55mins), as the last three will be drawing on your reserves.

    Physio says its not a stress fracture, nor is it a neuroma. Put's it down to inflexibility in calfs, ankles and toes and has given me some exercises to do and report back next week. I have an uneasy feeling that I'll still be faffing about with this in weeks to come, and that rather getting rid of it, it'll be a matter of keeping it under control. Anyway that was he advised and I will followit to the letter.
  • Tom - sounds like good news - or at least better than it could have been. I wish that 7 miles would take 55 minutes at my easy HR but unfortunately that will be an hour. Will listen to you and Alehouse though and cut it back.

    emzap - RHR magically dropped to it's pre-illness level this morning, breathing is fine and I take my last antibiotic this evening image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH writes "emzap - RHR magically dropped to it's pre-illness level this morning, breathing is fine and I take my last antibiotic this evening" Now that sounds like good news.

    The reason I'm a bit uneasy (though you are right, it could have been worse), is that it sounds like on of those vague "something is weak or tight", which often leads to lots of strength and stretching work, but no resolution of the injury. I've spent so much of running career responding diligently to incorrect diagnoses that I can sense the symptoms. Notwithstanding my unease I will follow his instructions to the letter....though one of the exercise given and just done really made the injury hurt!
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    NZC - Good to see you back here
    What: 5.34 miles
    Why: felt good so why not
    Last Hard: Suynday

    Lyrics No

  • Evening you lot

    Longer lie yesterday and couldn't get on here thi smorning

    What: 4M Steadily done

    Why: Habit.

    NZC: Good to have you back with us.

    Lots to catch up on.

  • Thanks everyone for the welcome backsimage

    Little Miss Happy - I was always going to run Auckland marathon on 28th October, but I late entered The Legend marathon which was on 15th of September. 

    I always said that I'd never run The Legend as it is such a hard marathon, and up until this year, I'd never run a marathon over 4hrs. Well, I blotted my copy book at Rotorua this year and ran 4.07, so it didn't matter anymore, so I ran The Legend in 4.13. 

    I'm just hoping that I get to see another marathon starting with a 3, even if it is 3.59!

    Good luck for Abingdon - so are you shooting for sub 3.40?

    Tom - I recovered very well after The Legend - legs pretty good, so will just have to wait and see.

    Let's hope the physio's exercises sort you out. I find a good self-massage before I go out helps to keep the stiffness at bay.

    Alehouse - good run from Clink - how are her feet? She must have got them sorted.

    Dustin - Chick's post was so exciting - neat when one of the forumites runs well!

    What: 5km easy with Mae.

    Good running everyone.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    Good to have you posting again NZC

    What - 7.5m inc Threshold and Hills
    Why - Speed / Strength
    Last Hard - Tonight
    Last Rest - Fri

    Take care all and no to the lyrics again

  • Up and down in here I see. Tom being diligent and having both mood swings!
    It generally sounds like a 7k to 7 mile "Steady as she goes" day.

    I pre-warned the Boss that I'd be home a little late as I wanted to do an extended swimble. 100 lengths done, which according to my befuddled maths is 2.5km. That took about 69 minutes, so I'm fairly chuffed. More so, because that's the furthest I've swum to date. By rough calculation, that puts me at the 2/3 point or something like 17/18 miles for a marathon. I must admit that I felt physically better than I would after that distance of a run, but was a bit light headed.

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