Persistent Groin Injury

Hi all,

I have what feels like a groin strain but one that won't go away.

I started off with a tingling sensation just above my knee back in March. Not painful but irritating (I'm sure this is related to the groin issue).

I continued to run until a month or so later when I developed a mild groin strain. I had a week or so off and then continued training for the Lakeland Trail Marathon on July 1st (Not the greatest marathon to attempt with any injury).

The strain was still there but eased when running to the point where I could no longer feel it.

Two weeks after Lakeland I gave up and admitted that the groin needed rest. I had two months off but rode my bike a few times to keep loose.

A few weeks back I attempted to run again. Just three very slow miles but I could instantly feel the groin pull again. A week after that I returned to the running club and I was in agony. I couldn't jog and could barely walk.

I have visited the doctors, and was told I had a trapped nerve. I have been to a physio and told that my pelvis had little movement.

My concern is that I have a pelvic stress fracture and that I'll have to give up running for a year.

Anyone else had anything similar? and should my physio be able to diagnose this?

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