I used my trainerroad setup for the first time this AM. My setup is my Rockhopper Mountain Bike on a Satori TACX turbo trainer set to resistance level 7, a Garmin GSC10, Garmin HRM, and a Moviestick USB ANT+ receiver stuck in to my Macbook Air. Everything works perfectly right away. Apart from me image

I did the 20 minute test and it told me to lower my FTP to 165 Grrr. Really need to get stronger but I am focussing primarily on running right now. 

What plans are you using on there? How are you finding it? I was thinking of starting with 2 sessions from the Intermediate Build Phase I mid week and then a club ride on weekends if I can manage it or the third session from the plan if I can't.

Here is my weak 20 min test:


  • Nate from TrainerRoad here.  This poped up on my Google Alerts.  If anyone has any questions I'll be glad to answer them.

  • ok Nate, what is trainerroad ?


  • never mind

    a quick google and i now have a different question


  • Haha hi Nate image

    For the others - if you have a turbo trainer (that TrainerRoad have measured) and speed/cadence sensor like the GSC 10 for example all you need to buy is a cheap USB ANT+ stick for your computer and you can run trainerroad. 

    I use it for the first time today as per my post. It's bloomin' fantastic image Seems they are super keen to provide support too! image

  • Nate - I do have one question. I was looking on your website and I could not see where I order stronger legs and bigger lungs. Can you send me a link please?


  • I love it. And the support I've had is great too. FTP is a number generated on a day under certain conditions. It's also your number, no-one elses. You may find a bigger fan gives a higher figure, or the road bike gives a bigger figure.

    What do you want to train for? At the moment I'm doing an FTP and SS per week with a weekend club ride. Once XC season starts I'll ramp the running for a spring HM and drop one of the turbo sessions. After the HM I'll probably return to 2 turbos a week again.

    Pacing the 20min effort can be fun can't it!
  • SgtLard wrote (see)

     what is trainerroad ?


    You mean its not that big, grey, straight, thing outside my front door that I ride my bike on for training??? image

    Cat - if I get one of these things can I still sit on your wheel and draft for miles while you work really really hard?? image

  • Only if you get the coffee and cake in again! image
  • I did the 20m test today and got pacing pretty much spot on based on the fact I did not fade and felt like puking during the cool down image Love it!
  • I really like it, for a geek like me it makes the time go a bit easier and makes me dig a bit deeper towards the end of an interval.

    But now I know after tonight's test that I have lost 13% of my FTP since my pre IMWales taper peak. image
  • Nate,

    I have a tacx flow (upgraded to iflow/imagic thingy) and a garmin 310XT (so have a ant+ thingy). So where does TrainerRoad get its data from?

    Would I be working off psuedo power from the Tacx or HR or both.


  • Trainer road will pick up the signal from both your heart rate monitor and a speed/cadence sensor at the same time if you have one. It gets the signal via the usb stick. The GSC 10 can be had for about ??25 off amazon. I got that and use the heart rate monitor that came with my forerunner watch.

    You can train just off heart rate but I read that the virtual power measurement that trainer road can generate by taking in to account your particular turbo model, the resistance you have it set to and your speed/cadence data is a much better way to train.
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