1 stone off by Christmas!



  • Thanks!

  • Morning all.

    I've not had a particularly good week as I ate and drank far too much. Two decent runs over the weekend made up for it though but I havent lost any more weight; however, I havent put any on so not too bad overall.

    Hope things are going well with everyone else

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Welcome aboard Iklebutn!

    Not a brilliant weekend for me, but hey! Also suffering a bit with some pains in my right knee. Had its few years ago and some physio and ultrasound helped but seems to have come back. Comes and goes, but il suddenly get a.sharp pain which forces me to walk a few paces but then seems to go away. I'm starting the strengthening and stability exercices the physio advised last time around to see if that helps. Might take a week off running and just use the mountain bike instead for a bit of a change.
  • Welcome Iklebutn and good luck.

    Morning All. Pretty hectic Thursday and Friday night, however managed to get out for a 7 mile run on Sunday. Will weigh in on Wednesday so any loss would be a bonus.

    Have a good week.

  • Hi All and welcome Iklebutn.

    Starting the week at 12st 11.2lb.

    Last week wasn't the best nutritionally, but did manage some good running, even if the mileage wasn't great. (32.69)

    Sunday's race was dissapointing, died a bit in the middle and started to worry things were all going wrong again, but was strong at the end so I think that was just a  blip on the day.



  • Oh thanks everyone for all the hellos! I feel more healthy and thinner already! =)

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Morning everyone. A little quiet in here! Hope everyone is nice and healthy and active? I had a bit of a Forrest Gump moment yesterday. Woke up and decisis to go out for a long countryside walk. 6 hours and 19m later, I returned covered in mud! Very uplifting!
  • Wow, Mr F, that does indeed sound epic. I've been eating healthily for nearly 4 days and I already feel better and have lost over a kilo. I went for a 6 mile run last night and my left knee hurt towards the end. Darn it. Have a sunny day everyone!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Sounds like your off to a great start, well done! No sun here sadly.... All I can see is fog!!
  • Hi all - sorry for the radio silence!
    Been having a tough time lately (death in the family) and eating's not been great either. Haven't weighed myself in 2 weeks, just can't face it.
    Trying to pick myself up again now and start afresh. Onwards & upwards, eh.
    Hope everybody's doing well, keeping well & enjoying life x

  • Sorry to hear that Okapi. Look after yourself and don't beat yourself up about the last couple of weeks.

    I'd focus on the moment on starting your running again with enjoyable easy/steady runs which clear your head. In my experience this helps a lot.

    The scales can wait until you are ready.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Hi all, I totally agree with Jane okapi. Sounds like you've had a tough time, a few light runs to get you back in the swing of things will help no end. Ive had a tough couple of months myself, been off work suffering with PTSD and anxiety and getting back into regular structures training finally has been a real god send. Just found out that I've managed to get a two week stay at a place called flint house in Oxfordshire at the start of December for intensive therapy and counselling. Lots of daily exercise, counselling, acupuncture and exercise but fantastic meals on top so I'm hoping it all cancels eachother out!

    Keep on going folks!
  • Good luck with that Mr F. Let us know how it goes.

  • Afternoon All,

    Hope you're all well and beginning to see progress, welcome new people. I'm back to tip top health and am heading out for my first run in over a month tonight. Weighed myself yesterday, which was the first time in 2 weeks and i've put 3lb on since the illness (which i wasn't surpised about - previous weight i was quite dehydrated). I'm 13 stone 10lb and confident that i can lose the last 5lb before christmas, which is 5 weeks tomorrow people - hope you're all well.


  • Five weeks. Gulp.

  • Oh dear, oh dear. Just got on the scales after two weeks in Kenya and I've put on 4 pounds! Not good.

    Still, not going to give up! Last night I started my serious training for the Manchester Marathon in April so hopefully the poundage will start to drop as the miles go up!

    Hope everyone else is doing better than me. Keep up the good work.

  • Survived the run, only 4km and very slow. But felt good to be back running again. Did it on the treadmill, next run i'll venture outside.

  • Good stuff Rats and everyone else.

    I'm struggling currently due to various things happening at home. When I say struggling I'm not losing anything but at the same time I'm not putting anthing on so am fairly pleased under the circumstances. This week I'm tapering for my first race, the Clowne half marathon, on Sunday. The reduction in runnign over the last few days has been hard as I just want to get out there and run despite the autumnal conditions.

    Keep going everyone

  • Afternoon all. Still putting in the miles but not lost a pound or added one. I have had some busy weekends due to attending various events, all involving food and drink. A quiet weekend coming up, so fingers crossed. Still hopefully of losing the stone.

    Good Luck everyone and keep up the good work image

  • Afternoon All,

    @cybarev - did you enjoy Kenya? 4lb is not the end of the world, did you go on safari?

    @carterusm - Good luck at the half marathon, looking forward to hear how it goes.

    I went for a short outside run last night, 2 miles and the puppy came with me. Was awesome running with the dog, a dream of mine come true. She loved it and only tried to trip me up once!

    Do you all keep food diaries? I've just started as apparently it's meant to make you more aware of what you eat, thought it worth a try.

  • Thank you both, Jane & Mr F. It's been difficult lately but I feel I'm slowly getting back to my old self. Ran a HM on Sunday and getting a PB cheered me up no end. Back into a bit of a routine now too, both training & running wise, so hopefully things will start to improve all round shortly. Losing a stone before Xmas seems to be slipping away from me, but if I can lose any, I'll be happy.

    Mr F, I'm so sorry to hear you had a tough time lately too. I can relate to it to some extent as I was suffering from panic attacks & anxiety due to a prolonged illness leaving me mostly housebound. I very much hope that your stay in Oxfordshire will help you greatly.

    Everybody else, well done guys on your progress. image x

  • I have a stone at most to lose, probably more like half a stone.  I'm doing the 100 pushups plan and the 25 pullup/chinups plan and I'm doing plenty of cardio - either out there running, or if carrying an injury, on the exercise bike.  I've made drastic changes to my diet - going from a choccy bar every day to two a week maximum, I've cut right back on things like pizza as well - but the most I lose a month is a pound or two at the most!  I mean, I know when you've only got a little to lose especially the layer hitching a ride on my six pack is the hardest of all, but this is ridiculous...

  • I didn't eat any chocolate, pizza, chips, nothing you could consider unhealthy for 3 months, I was losing 1-2lb a week. Last week I let myself eat anything I wanted as it was the last week before my marathon, so carbo loading. I gave up recording after the fisrt day, but tuesday I ate:

    00.00 8 x snickers (Aldi equivalent) x 200kcal = 1600

    09.00 maryland cookies 230g x 481 kcals per 100g = 1106kcals

    09.30 4 pork pies x 409 kcals =  1636

    10.30 200g peanut nougat 1200 kcals

    13.00 5 chocolate chip cakes 125 kcals each = 625

    15.00 chocolate digestives 300g x 495 kcals per 100g = 1485

    7652 kcals, I stopped eating after the chocolate biscuits as I didn't feel well...

    Anyway, long story short, after 3 days of this I weighed on the friday (as usual) and i'd put on 5lbs!

    Moral of the story, cut out the crap, the actual volume of food I ate for those initial 7652kcals was quite small.


  • Lardarse, I have found it's all one continuous learning curve.  I, for one, eat when I'm feeling down or upset as I just don't care whether or not I'm eating unhealthily or putting on weight, I also usually give myself a free ride after a long race which usually last well past topping up my glycogen stores...
    I think we just have to learn to dust ourselves off, get back up & start afresh when we need to, without beating ourselves up too much and just see it as an opportunity to do better (again...)
    Anyway, I hope you had a good race & I'm sure you burnt most of it off again.

    Roadrunner, all I can say is what works for me (well, usually anyway, when I put my mind to it & dont sabotage myself...) is to keep a food diary. I can highly recommend 'My Fitness Pal' (there's even an app for it). It let's you work out how many calories you should be putting in daily in order to lose x amount of weight per week (which you can decide too), you then put in everything you eat and all the exercise you do daily & it works out how many calories you have left per day and how much you should weigh if you did this every day.  If anything, it's opened my eyes to how calorific some foods really are, quite shocking actually and it's stopped me from 'mindless eating', i.e. just putting a piece of chocolate in my mouth & then conveniently forgetting about it when thinking about my daily food intake! Blah blah... sorry, rambling!

    Hope you all have a good day image

  • Maybe I'll look into a food diary - I've never done that before. image

  • okapi: It wasn't a problem, I did it on purpose, i'd been holding back for 12+ weeks, sticking to ~2000kcals a day, i'd been say dreaming about spending the week eating rubbish, on the thursday I got a tiger loaf, cut it in half (the flat way) so i had two slices, then I cut up 350g of extra mature cheddar (I hadn't eaten cheese for months)into slabs and put the whole lot into one sandwhich. After three days of doing this sort of thing I was sick of rich/sweet food and couldn't wait to get back to eating normal again! So it was aversion therepy. I had a great race, second best ever time. I'll weigh tomorrow, but i'm not bothered what they say as i'm back on the diet now, well except the whole jar of peanut butter I ate yesterday, I had to get rid of it.

  • For the record, I lost 1lb last week of the 5lb I gained the week before, so back on track.

  • road runner...........a food diary is a major factor in weight lose.............its amazing how much you eat somedays...........when i write it down it does make me hink twice about eating more because i think.wow have I eaten all that already.......image

    just over 4 weeks to go to christmas.......image

  • I total the kcals each day as i'm eating on my phone calculator, it's always there, so I know exactly what I can't eat.

  • Weigh in today, not hopeful!

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