1 stone off by Christmas!



  • Staying the same is ok!

    My weigh in isn't until friday, but for the previous two days i've doing up my belt on the last hole (without straining! Just pulling to a natural comfortable, so my jeans don't fall down, amount) so whether or not i'm lighter than last week I don't care, i'm definitely slimmer.

  • ...staying the same is only ok when it's someone else!

    ...I only lost 1lb again.

  • Lardarse wrote (see)

    ...staying the same is only ok when it's someone else!

    ...I only lost 1lb again.

    So true! Though this week with all the Cristmas lunches, i'll be grateful to stay the same!

  • I think i've become a little bit addicted to watching the weight come down on the scales. I'm ~8lb from 22.5 BMI, think it's going to take for ever, I just want to get there so I can gorge on Bread, meat pies, cheese, biscuits, cakes, chips, chocolate (in that order of preferrence) so I can start the cycle all over again image

  • Well done guys!

    Well, I failed my challenge but lost 4lbs in total. New year's resolution is to put put more effort in lol.

    Have a very happy Xmas everyone and all the best for an injury-free 2013!

    'See you' in the New Year image xxx


  • I'm the same as you Okapi, lost 4lbs. But that is better than putting 4lbs on !

    Good luck everyone, it's time for my festivities to begin...

  • Well, Christmas was easy, not one chocolate, no mince pies, no alcolhol, no pudding, no wasted calories, only a very moderate single portion of Christmas Dinner, so that's the Christmas pigging out all done for another year. Hopefully I should be at least another pound off this week.

  • Right, I'm up for this. 364 days to lose a stone: no problem!

  • You jest about that now , but read back through this thread and most of the "enthusiasts" couldn't be bothered to diet for 2 months, which is fair enough and their business, 12 months is a long time to stay motivated when you're naturally greedy.

  • 1lb off this week. Quite disappointed with that, still my long runs start increasing again this week, 18 on Sunday, 20 the following week, should be very easy to go into negative calories.

    Here's some interesting data i've lifted from my own Sportracks log, it demonstrates a very real and obvious impact of weight loss and calorie consumption and therefore the slowing down of weight loss. It really is soooo much easier to lose weight when you're very over weight:

    04/03/12   13.10    2:21:18  10:47  2,082  14.6st
    21/10/12   13.10    1:53:42  8:41    1,730  12.1st
    08/11/12   13.09    1:59:02  9:05    1,718  11.7st
    23/12/12   13.22    2:05:54  9:31    1,661  11.5st

    So for a 3st weight loss you have over 400 kcals less to play with over an average mid-long run of 13 miles.

    Multiply this over the week (actual data from those weeks) and you see a bigger picture:

    23/12/12  42.22  6:36:13  9:23   5,325 kcals   11.5st

    04/03/12  31.15  5:42:48  11:00  4,969 kcals  14.6st

    For 3st this works out at 20% extra kcals required just to maintain weight, if an average adult male requires 2500 kcals (I know this is crap, but an often quoted figure) then the same individual at 3st heavier requires 3000 kcals to maintain weight.

  • I failed the stone by Christmas, lost about 3 lbs in total.  The main reason wasn;t diet but that I didn't start training/running again.. started again yesterday though.

  • So how do all those countless millions in the world who don't run, amazingly most of whom live in very poor countries where they they don't have an abundance of excessive calories (funny that), manage to keep their weight in normal or even very low BMI's?

    Any thoughts? I'm obviosly too retarded to work it out, but maybe someone clever will come along to help me out.

  • Don't hate me...

    I've been the same weight, (give or take a few pounds) for the last 22 years snce I was 16. I don't exercise, but have just started couch25 this week, but just to get fit.

    I applaud you all for your weight losses. And 1lb loss is still a loss, so be positive image

    I know you can all still run faster and longer than I can. I am pants at the mo, but you've got to start somewhere image Can't imagine that at the end of 9 weeks I might be able to run 5k without stopping when I am just managing 1min run and 90 secs walking at the mo without hyperventilating!

    In lots of cases weight gain is about portion size, BUT I think that as unfair as it is, some people just have different metabolisms and burn off calories faster than others. I don't eat very healthily and certainly not 5 a day (Although I still think you don't need 5 a day, a piece of fruit at lunch and veg with dinner is enough and I haven't got rickets yet image ). Am aiming for 1 piece of fruit and veg a day as a New Years reso.

    Hubby is a prime example as well, although to an extreme that if he misses any meals his face starts to look gaunt. (he does 1 hr 5 aside football a week and other than that, nothing...) He hates that he can't gain weight and is underweight but is constantly eating image Not a thyroid problem and I don't think he has a tate worm hee hee.
  • Morning all.

    Failed the challenge but still running loads. Will do a weigh in on Monday and give everyone an update.

    Here's to a great 2013 for everyone!


  • pushmepullme, it's always about portion size.

    I've yet to meet one single person who claimed to eat "loads" (on a daily basis) but couldn't put on weight.

    It's bull.

    It's all determined by what you consider to be a lot, during carbo loading for my last marathon I was eating 6000+ kcals a day (I know I didn't need that many but I was indulging myself after losing weight) I wasn't eating very much at all volume wise, I was just eating whatever I fancied, unsurprisingly I put on 5lbs in a week.

    Try it.


  • Bit late I know but down to 14st 1 lb today. Yipee. Hopefully under 14st by the next weigh in which would be a major milestone. I havent been that weight for many years!

    Keep on Running image

  • S**t, I have just had a week where I ran 1 Marathon, 5 daily runs of 5k, and one weekend run of 5 miles and I put 5lbs on. I'm gonna have to take it more seriously.

    Jan 7th 14 st 5, shocking! 

  • Did you carbo load?

    i put on a pound last week...but I swept that under carpet...! lol

  • Nice 14 miles and net loss. I have ran 20 miles so far this week, hoping to have a long run of 11 miles on Sunday and an alcohol free weekend!

    Keep on Running

  • Regained 2.5lb! Nightmare The last 7lbs could take forever, if ever to lose...

  • How do you weigh yourself Lard? I usually go to the scales in Boots, according to them I have put on 6lbs in 2 weeks, seems highly unlikely!


    I'm sure you will get rid of the 7lbs eventuallyimage

  • I don't think boots is a good idea for me as I weigh myself competely naked! I always weigh first thing friday morning when I wake up before breakfast after going to the toilet using the same scales in the same place, like I say naked. It keeps some constancy.

    I don't tthink gaining 6lbs in two weeks is all that unlikely? You could gain that in water? That's only 1.36 lts of fluid, couple of pints..

  • I'd totally forgot about this thread - some good going guys! I restarted trying to lose it on 31st Dec and currently I'm ~8 lbs down from where I was at a pretty constant rate of ~1/3 lb per day over the last 22 days.  6 lbs more to go by mid Feb, then another 7 lbs by 27th April (5K race) target which should bring my BMI from overweight firmly into the top end of healthy range.. with whatever pinch of salt you take BMIimage  Can't wait to see my half marathon time if I'm 21 lbs lighter than my last 1:46.  Hopefully taking me nearer that 1:30 area with a bit more training.

  • Re lost the 2.5lbs...

    Good going daeve, after 6 months of continuous weight loss I'd almost say weight is close to as important as training. Its certainly the difference between achieving your goals and not achieving, you can't train out a 21lbs difference.
  • Going OK this year, lost 5lbs since xmas, mind you 3 of that was Xmas excess, but stopped it going upwards, its a start

  • Anyone up for tyring this again?

    I feel like a whale...ugghh!

  • Yep, I'm up for it as long as someone can send me a bucket or 2 of willpower. Have got a half marathon on Sunday and I know it'll be a struggle with the extra weight I'm carrying.


  • Anniesophie, I can totally sympathise - my pace has dropped terribly and the hills suddenly feel like mountains! Got to get rid of the excess baggage pronto but seem to struggle to shift any. Thinking being accountable (of sorts), might help!


  • I did have a bucket of willpower...but I ate it image

    I'm up for a bit of weight loss, and when I say a bit I mean a LOT!

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