3 weeks until the Marathon


I just wanted to get some advice on an injury I have picked up. I am training for the Venice Marathon on the 28th October. I've completed 3 marathons before with times ranging from 3h20 to 2h59 but have lost a lot of the last 11 months to various injuries (groin strain, knee cartilage etc). I finally reciovered from these and made great progress with getting back my fitness. I've managed to churn out a couple of 20 milers at 3h15 pace with my average weekly miles being in the mid 60s.

2 weeks ago i went out for a gentle 10k and slipped on a conker (it was on wet grass) and turned my left ankle. The swelling was fairly instant and it turned various shades of black, blue and yellow. Although it was painful I wasn't too worried. I thought I am in a good place and can probably get away with a week off to rest it. I went to the physio after a week to get it checked and they recommended a further 2 weeks off running (1 of which I have just completed). there is definite improvement. The swelling has all but disappeared though there is stil a fair but of stiffness in the joint and when it's pushed to it's extremities (i.e. pointing toes as much as possible) there is a little tweak of discomfort.

My question is this - the physio has said to me to not run at all for the next week and when i do start again not to try any more than 6 miles. This will be 2 weeks out from the with the last 3 weeks already gone up in smoke. I would like to get at least one 10+ mile run in just to reassure me that I can get around the marathon but also don't want to set the injury back further. Does anyone have any advice on this, has anyone had this experience before? I've given up on running a pb and will settle for just enjoying the run but if I can salvage a few minutes on my time that would be great.

Massive thanks in advance!


  • No direct experience Sorry.

    Did you discuss alternative cardio work with the physio?  I expect that a rowing maching wouldn't be too hard on the ankle, and could be great for keeping your endurance up this week.

    Given your enforced rest, I imagine that you will not need the same taper as normal - so I think you could do 6 miles when the embargo comes off... and build up a few more miles, including a 10-13 mile, before tapering in the last 7 days.   But that will depend on how your body feels. 

    Not speaking as an expert... just trying to encourage you. Good luck!

  • How did it go? I'm doing the Venice marathon next year and wondered what you thought of the experience...(hoping that you made it). 

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