Oceans floor ultra - fat feet

I am signed up to this race after winning discounted entry through fat feet and thought I would see if there was any one on here doing it or if any one had done it ?


Likewise if anyone has any tips on running a desert ultra that would be great.


  • Thin gaiters to keep the sand out!

  • the event  has its own website complete with kit list/  the conditions  to expect/what to take etc...lot of info there , im assuming you have already looked at that?

  • I think at desert races you need to run across the sand a bit like they did in Baywatch image

  • yeahhhh wib you got it!! dyu think David Hasslehoff will be there then? i reckon most important bit of kit is a bucket and spade dont you think? shall we do it too?

  • Amanda - I would say do lots of searching for threads or info on Marathon Des Sables - it's probably going to be the closest event information wise, although I don't know the specifics of kit etc for your race.

    Other than that, I would think you're going to need to do lots of acclimatisation to deal with the heat - which isn't going to be that easy in winter in East Anglia!

    Running at Sunny Hunny on the beach might help? Get used to sand etc, different textures - plus it will strengthen your ankles.

  • I've read that people entered into desert races often do Bikram yoga to acclimatise in some small way to the heat they're going to have to deal with.
  • I think there are a lot of stories about how people acclimatise before heading out to a desert race, a hot or cold one. I am sure people have had success with them as well. Personally I would work hard on the areas I know I can given the environment I am training in. i.e :
    What distance will you need to be covering? Make your training relevent to that.
    How hilly is the terrain/What is it like underfoot? Train on the closest terrain you can get to the race.
    Is it multiday? if so lots of back to back runs.
    Any specific kit to carry/wear? I would imagine yes, so get used to wearing/carrying it.
    If it is multiday what food is available overnight? Get used to eating it!

  • so...run up and down Bournmouth beach day and night,wearing a lot of clothes in the day in the sun to get hot and totally nakey at night to get used to cold, eat continually and run over lots of sandcastles to get used to the hilly bit  whilst carrying a shovel and as many packs of mountain freeze dried meals as you can  and wearing gaiters .sorted.

  • Haha loulabell

    That's exactly what I shall do bay watch style image

    Have been checking out mds forums. Backpack now ordered and trainers so waiting patiently ( read jumping up and down waiting

    For the postman) for them to arrive.

    Am planning on doing long run with threshold to finish of a. Saturday and then two runs on a Sunday I am also doing the insanity programme as part of my training I am about to start month two and can really see the benefits.

    I will let you know how I get on image
  • Oooh, new kit = exciting!!! You can't leave it at that though, we need makes, models, why you've chosen them (even if it's just the colour!!)

    Come on over to the Wannabe Ultra Runner Thread started by Lou - most of us on there have finished an ultra or two (or three, or four, or...well, you get the idea!) but it's still a lighthearted and helpful thread for all ultrarunners to natter on...

    If you ever fancy a long run let me know...

  • Ps. Nice write up in the Fenland Citizen...shame they forgot to put your sponsorship details in!!
  • Amanda - Not doing Ocean Floor, am doing MdS 2014, took a trot out with a fellow MdS 2014 runner last weekend who is doing Ocean Floor, have sent him the link to this thread.

  • Amanda Boldy wrote (see)

    Am planning on doing long run with threshold to finish

    how long is 'long'

  • loulabell wrote (see)
    Amanda Boldy wrote (see)

    Am planning on doing long run with threshold to finish

    how long is 'long'

    You see sunrise and sunset during the same run. Anything else is tempo effortimage

  • I know that silly

  • Aha ha on that case a tempo effort I am starting with 12 miles Saturday on last part of herward relay route then Sunday 2 hours am then 1 hr pm

    Thanks will join other thread and once back at laptop will tell all about

    My exciting new goodies image

    Ultra rocker I am not a fast runner by any means so I fear you may leave me in your dust image
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