Not quite trail but not quite

Hi i'm new to the forum so go easy on me if this question has been asked numerous times.

I run a lot of bridleway, dirt track, road type routes with little if any real uneven terrains and never really muddy. I have been running with a pair of Nikes but they're nothing special and I fancy taking my footwear a bit seriously.

I've had my eye on the asics excel 33 or the nike lunarglide because i like the idea of them being light. Will they be ok for bridleways and the occasional dirt track or should i go for a more conventional outer sole like asics nimbus or nike air pegasus?

thanks for any help.


  • dont see why it wouldnt. you need less cushioning off road than you do on road.

    However if you have no problems with your nikes, then theres no reason why you couldnt carry on wearing them? if it aint broke. . . . .image

  • Stick with road shoes. The only gain you get with off road shoes is better grip on broken, poor, slippery ground. If you have good grip then that's all you can ask for.

  • I need to change my current footwear because theyve reached the end of their life.

    I think i'll give the excell 33s a try thank you both for the advice.

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