Flu vaccination

I have 10k race this sunday but due to have flu jab on Friday. Not sure whether to cancel jab in case I have bad reaction. Not had it before so not sure about side effects. Any advice?



  • If you have an allergy to eggs then avoid.  From my own experience never had any problems, although when I had mine today was told I might feel tired and achey afterwards - which I don't.  If you're really worried might be as well to postpone, but not for too long.

  • Thank you Bear B. Hind!  Love the name image  It makes sense to cancel the vaccination until this weekend is over.  I'm sure I could have worked that out for myself if I hadnt suddenly gone into panic mode about the run.  Thank you for taking the time to reply!

  • Had mine done yesterday, all I got was a sore arm. Fine today. I'm sure that if you think you  might get a side effect you will get onel, PMA keeps you feeling fine.


  • Depends on how easy it is to reschedule and how long it will be before you get it. Assuming you are having it as you are an at risk group therefore it is important that you are protected.
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