Balancing energy to run with weight loss

I have been running for around a year and lost a bit of weight but nothing significant. I've completed 2 half marathons but have not been too happy wih my times - I know that I need tonlose weight (2 stone) and that will improve my pace and technique but really struggle with balancing eating fewer calories and still havin the energy to run a decent distance - any suggestions? I need to know what I can eat to give me energy but not too high in calories/ the wrong sort if calories sonthat I can still drop the pounds!


  • I joined Weightwatchers I've lost 4st 12lbs and started running. I think I found it easier as I didn't know any different I just eat lots of fresh near etc... No ready meals, virtually nothing pre cooked. It is now all freshly made and I seem to do both, but I am probably way slower than you want to be.

    Edit: I think it's just down to lots of willpower and not wasting calories. Alcohol for instance is an utter waste of your x calories per day. All drinks I have are 0 or very low in calories, just helps leave more for food.
  • Have you tried counting those calories? There's no accurate method of calculating your daily calorie useage, but you can get a rough estimate based on your weight, age and level of activity via google (2000 for women, 2500 for men is recommended, but if you are sat behind a desk all day it could be less, or more if you are heavily overwieght). Use this estimate and make sure you consume 500 less calories per day, every day, no excuses. This will allow you to drop 0.5kg per week.

    There are plenty of simple ways to do this without leaving you struggling for energy, such as cutting out the alcohol as booktrunk suggested and switching to soya/almond milk or green tea rather than milky coffees. Also, no more of those full-fat cans of coke, crisps, snacks etc. It's all in the diet. You can also try going vegan 5/6 days of the week, but that requires a lot of extra work.

    Shortly before you run, have a banana, good for slow release energy with none of those nasty animal fats. Then you try some of the recovery receipes/meals on this website after your long run, most are really good.


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