Best Neutral Running Shoes

Hi, I'm not new to running but have been out injured for some time, partly caused by my new Nike Trainers correcting my gait along with bad posture.

I have since bought and returned new Asics trainers after having my gait done and feet mapped, the shoes again didn't suit my feet.

I now think I should just try on some neutral shoes, if they are comfy then go for it - I guess I want people's opinion to this - and suggestions of good neutral trainers for running in. I guess I'd also need to know a good shop where I can try a few of these running shoes on, as there aren't many around my area (Ipswich).

I'm new to the forum, so appreciate any advice.



  • Look up Sweatshop in Ipswitch. Best advice is to try before you buy. Mizuno wave rider are nice neutral shoes to try
  • I'm neutral and have been running in Asics Cumulus for years. Always got on really well with them. Recently bought Brooks Ghosts as well, which are similar feeling but a bit firmer overall.

  • I was neutral for years (more recently started need a smidge of support), but I too (as above) settled on Asics Cumulus (comfy cushioned) and Mizuno Rider (bit more responsive) and if I could find them on sale Saucony Triumph (super-comfy super-cushioned)


  • I love my Brooks Defyance 4, they are neutral, i think,

    I have had them for over a year, run a marathon (and all the training for it) in them, and they never gave a single blister.

    My feet were perfect after the a marathon,


  • I like Mizuno Wave Riders too for longer distances, and that's coming from enjoying quite minimalist neutral shoes and speed flats for shorter distances. Some people complain about the forefoot being too rigid, but as a mid-foot striker, I've never had any problems. I find my foot sits nice and low in the heel, despite them looking huge and over-padded on your feet.

  • They sound good. I want to try them now!
  • sweatshop do a 30day policy so you can run in them all weathers and if your not sure, exchange them for a different pair.

  • Brilliant, thanks for all your advices, I'll try Sweatshop as soon as I can start running again - think I'll struggle to limit it to one pair... image

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