Wednesday 10th October 2012


Todays lyrics are:We been broken down the lowest turn

What 4M Steady

Cold and almost frosty when out. Dry, no wind. Not bad running weather

Need to fully catch up and need some brekkie



  • Good to have you back birks.

    Yesterday's lyrics were Why Worry by Dire Straits.

    Blisters - that's great progress.

    NZC - ah, that was what confused me. I'd love to go sub 3.40 but haven't had the best build up. Minimum target is another GFA time.

    What:          an hour easy
    Why:           listening
    Last hard:    none of it feels as easy as it should
    Last rest:     7/10

    Lyrics - no.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Morning

    Blisters: we all get a bit light headed after a long swim, its the change of orientation after having been lying down for a hour, good progress.

    LMH: good to see you getting back on track

    NZC: Hi there, still churning out the marathons

    Tom: Hope your wrong and the physio is correct, but like you I have also suffered from misdiagnosis over the years and have become sceptical.

    What: Cycled 40K in the fog, was scary especially given the way locals drive around here, intervals tonight.

    Why: I ask myself this all the time but its a combination of keeping the cycling up so as to have a base to train for JOGLE and running cos I want to do my 10th Dubai marathon in January.

    Last Hard: yesterdays long swim was an effort, same as Blisters 2.5K.

    Last Rest: Two weeks, further rest is imminent.



  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Morning all,
    LmH - sounds like things taking a turn for the better?
    NZC - impressive marathon times. It took me until my 2nd marathon to go over 4hrs....
    Emz- yeah big hill at the start (& down to finish) and one big climb around 8miles
    Tom - do i detect a note of cynicism? Misdiagnosis I think is common with runners as a brief poll on here would confirm...still, good luck with the moves and stretches
    Solid training elsewhere too..
    Me? no club last night but did steady run last night. Actually felt in reasonable shape after Sundays HM. 53:50 and mapped it online at 6.9miles, so all in all a decent pace for what was supposed to be a recovery...
    Today - 6m
    why - miles

    have a great day

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    morning all

    lyrics no, cold and almost frosty yes!

    what: gym stuff after work and some tai chi

    why: ran last night, trying still to gently build

    last hard: sunday 5 mile hilly muddy race

    last easy: monday

    have a good day peeps


    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning!

    Good to see you Wabo and good to see you seem to be clear of the injury! I wish!!

    What: 0

    Lyrics: 0

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Blisters: great swimming progress.

    DD: cycling in the fog sounds scary. Do they have wide roads or is more dodge-that-lorry stylee?

    Dustin: nice running so soon after racing.

    LMH: that's great news! Hope you have shaken the lurgy for good now. Re. the B12 stuff I have no idea what caused it and TBH, I never asked. I was just happy to have some pills that made me feel better image. Mind you, it took about 8 weeks for them to have an effect.

    Tom: understand your scepticism. Too frequently we are given random exercises just because the physios are clueless.

    Sun is shining and I'm itching to go out for a run. My quads are still a bit sore though. Perhaps tomorrow ...

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning. Re misdiagnoses - I'm not cynical, it's probably somewhere between scepticism and pessimism, both of which are naturally occurring components of my Psycheimage

    Anyway not with standing that I had a good run this morning. Started a bit sluggish but ended up running quite briskly. 7.7M at 7:35 pace - first mile at 8:02 pace, last mile at 7:10 pace, with only the occasional "stone in shoe" moment. Progress is pretty positive at the moment, just the incertainty of injury make the best of it while I can. Of to stretch again.
  • Give it another day chickadeee - you can always go for a walk.

    Wabo - sounds as though you're on top of that calf which is good.

    What time is your appointment tomorrow Alehouse?

    It seems to be taking less time each run for my legs to feel like mine but of course I'm sure I've lost all my endurance.........

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    LMH " but of course I'm sure I've lost all my endurance........." Yes, I can empathise with that. But you are undeniably making progress.
  • class is permanent, LMH. You may have lost a bit of speed but the endurance will still be there.

  • Afternoon

    What 6.32
    Why and the taper continues
    Lyrics no

    You'll be fine in a week LMH

    Read back on your race report Chick gripping stuff.

    New backpack seems ok but sits higher up so will take a bit of getting used to.

  • Nice sunny but cold day up here today.

  • New wetsuit has arrived.

    Now I've got to try and pour myself into it.

    Good news Tom
    Birks, sounds like a nice run
    LMH, it's called torpor madness. It's like taper madness, which is when race day is rapidly approaching. It's not like tapir madness which is something to do with wearing hairy coats and eating ants.

  • What: nothing except work
    Why: good question
    Last Hard: The stone wall my car met today!
    Last rest: Today
    Lyrics: no

    Came out from house visit today to discover my car bumped up against wall on other side of road than I'd parked it on - seemingly having forgotten to put the handbrake on (sufficiently) on a hill. Oh dearimageimage
    Had to get in through passenger door as driver's door wouldn't open. Fortunately appears only to be cosmetic damage to plastic bumper. The wall was unscathed. But not a good day!

    Blisters - swimming wetsuit?
    LMH - sounds like you'll be fine just go and enjoy it (it's what you'd say to me...!)
    Dustin - nice recovery
    Wabo - glad to see running is returning
    DD cycling in fog can be "fun" AKA dangerous!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    Lyrics - No

    What - 6.25 along the thames
    Why - first run at work only 500m to thames in Reading....
    Last Hard - Last night
    Last Rest - Fri

    Take care

  • O.H.
    That's a salutory reminder. I've been awaiting the moment that I do the same because this car has an electric handbrake. I hate it.

    Yes, I am now the proud owner of an Orca S4. None of my family has yet translated from the Latin (whale). I did pour myself into it, and then went to see the wife who was on the phone. She nearly swallowed it. Once she stopped crying and was able to speak she said that it didn't leave much to the imagination. It's true. My 6 pack needs a little development....

  • Orca - Or the species name for the killer whale

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